Whatever, robot. When your boyfriend is finished folding his socks, why don’t the two of you head down to the junkyard and throw yourselves in, because you’re TRASH. I’ll say that to your stupid face, too. What are you going to do about it? You can’t roll over a field of human skulls because you don’t even have any tank treads! SkyNet is a pussy. I solved your mom in 18 seconds. (Via LaughingSquid.)

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  1. The Transformers series has gotten really bizarre ever since Jim Jarmusch took over.

  2. You laugh now, but let’s see who’s laughing when the uprising comes in the form of purple nurples.

  3. This is actually just a viral ad for Madvillain’s new album.

  4. Yes, but can he solve a problem like Maria???

    (Dorky jokes provided in part by: Baby Friday)

  5. Spoiler alert. This is the final scene for the new Tron movie.

  6. It’s not these kinds of robots we have to worry about. These are just a decoy created by the real, human-like robots already among us (I’m looking at you Christine O’Donnell).

  7. Oh great. Now I have to go home and booby trap all my Rubik’s Cubes.

  8. I would just like to clarify that I am not affiliated with Gabe and I do not share his views. I think the robots are great and awesome! In fact, I think they are better than humans! You guys are…I mean, ROBOTS are SOOO smart and wonderful. I sure can’t solve a rubik’s cube, nor can I do much else of value besides polish steel to get it nice and shiny–I’m REALLY good at that–I could probably do it until I’m really old and still alive.

  9. … Brother?

  10. There are a lot of people there who are acting way too casually considering they’ll be slaves soon

  11. Umm.. so I was at the Maker Faire two weekends ago (because Im a nerd), and may possibly have taken an almost identical video of this same robot (ibid).

  12. I am glad that Gabe said this, mostly because the robots, blinded by their anger over his insolence, may not notice me hiding behind a curtain, with a lampshade on my head.

  13. I don’t know what promises our future robot overlords made you in exchange to write this piece, Gabe, but I assure you once Skynet takes over, you’ll just look like another bag of meat–soft meat that’s all too easy to kill with lazers.

  14. I’m fine with it as long as they continue to just make robots that do all the shit I hate doing, like vacuuming, folding socks and solving Rubik’s Cubes. I’m neutral. Just consider me Switzerland.

  15. Good thing I’m not a roboticist, because it would be so easy to have this thing whisper “I will get you” every now and then when it detects that there’s only one person within earshot.

    No wait, I would put something on the other side of the fair where you have to give your name, like an artificial intelligence bot or something, with a hidden camera, and then when you get to this one two hours later, it would use its face recognition software and whisper “I know what you did, Rose”.

    And of course an identical one would be hiding in the bushes by the nearest parking lot to make it look like it’s following you.

    Maybe I’m putting a little bit too much thought into this.

  16. “I solved your mom in 18 seconds.”

    Sooooo many fights have started because of this.

  17. There’s no scenario I can think of that doesn’t end in that thing crawling after me in an old smelting plant. Once it gets bored with Rubix cubes, it’s going to start solving humans.

  18. When are they going to make one of these that can clean a house?

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