Do you ever get so tired sometimes you just want to crawl into a hole and die? Sure. We all do! But it’s time for you now to WAKE UP, because you can be dead when you’re dead, and you can’t play a FUNTIMES PARTY GAME when you are snoozin’. (Although, I will say that this is the one time where if you snooze you might not lose. “It’s complicated” — The Social Network.)

The game is quite simple to play: #TiredMovies. And so:

    Eyes Shut
    The Bad Snooze Bears
    Six Degrees of Sleeperation
    The Pillow Pillow
    Charlie Wilson’s Snore

Goodnight. I MEAN GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Inception

    Uh wait… did I do this right?

  2. Snoozies

  3. Red Yawn

  4. The Nappening

  5. Legends of the Falling Asleep

  6. Good Evening Vietnam

  7. The Dark Night

  8. Out Cold

    Alarm Clockstoppers

    Throw PajaMama From the Train

  9. The Legend of Snorro

  10. Bedrooms of Madison County

  11. This is Spinal Nap

  12. Nighttime on Elm Street

  13. Antzzzzzzzz

  14. Drool Runnings

  15. The Last of the Mosleepans

  16. (500) days of snoozing

  17. Friday Nightlights

  18. Zardoze

  19. The Wizard of Zzzzzzz

  20. Kiss Kiss Night Night

  21. MelaRonin

  22. Eat. Pray. Nap.

  23. Blade Slumber
    based on the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sleep

  24. World War Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  25. Sleeping in Seatle

  26. SomineX-Men

  27. The Alarm and Daniel Johnston

  28. Star Snores

  29. Zs for Vendetta

  30. Yawn with the Wind.

  31. To Kill a Hammocking Bird

  32. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  33. What Dreams May come (PSYCHE)

  34. eXistenZzzzzzzzzzzzz

  35. Mo Theta Blues

  36. Nodding Off Hill

  37. Return Of The King-Size Mattress

  38. What About Bed?

  39. Friday Nightlights

  40. Bed, Bath & Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

  41. An AlarmClockwork Orange

  42. City Of Nod

  43. How Serta Got Her Groove Back

  44. On the Waterbed

  45. Better Off in Bed

  46. Ambien John Malkovich

  47. I Know What You Did Last Snoozer.

  48. The Last Insomniaction Hero

  49. The Constant Gardener Who Is Sleepy After All That Gardening

  50. Up In The Air Mattress

  51. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pajama Jeans

  52. Mr. Smith Goes to Bed

  53. In Snuzes

  54. The Counting of the Lambs

  55. Midnight Cowboy Pajamas

  56. The Land Before Bed Time

  57. Goodnight Paper Moon

  58. The Green Chamomile

  59. O Comforter Where Art Thou?

  60. Despicable Memory Foam

  61. Circadian Bacon

  62. Good Night and Good Night

    The Curious Case of Snooze Button

    I Ambien Sam

  63. Sleep Lola Sleep

  64. Sleeping Like Three Men and a Baby

  65. Rachael Getting Tired

  66. how to snooze a guy in 10 days

  67. Cocoa avant Chanel

  68. There Will Be Bed

  69. Secrets and Lie-ins

  70. Counting Black Sheep

  71. Friday Nightlight or Friday Nightlights. Either one, really.

  72. A Hard Night’s Night

  73. The Rock-a-bye-baby

  74. Lucky Slumber Slevin

  75. 40 Days and 40 Winks

  76. The Firm Mattress

  77. Sleepaway Camp.

    Er, wait … ya know, I’m really not good enough for these contests.

  78. Navy SEALys

  79. Debbie Does Dallas After A Refreshing Nap

  80. Wall Street: Money Always Sleeps

  81. Igby Goes Down Pillow

  82. Slumber Party Millionaire

  83. Bedtime Bandits

  84. The Lion King Sleeps Tonight

  85. R.E.M.ains of the Day

  86. The Thread Count of Monte Cristo

  87. The Human Tempurpedic

  88. What Lies Beneath The Serta Perfect Sleeper

  89. REM cycle the Titans

  90. the door in the snore

  91. Wet Hot American Slumber

  92. Doze of Thunder

  93. Also, Dozed and Confused

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