James Franco In Drag Candy Magazine

Who knows anymore. WHO EVEN KNOWS? This is the cover of the second issue of Candy magazine, the self-proclaimed “First Transversal Style Magazine” featuring James Franco dressed as a lady (FOR LACK OF A BETTER TERM). The photograph was taken by the professional creep, Terry Richardson. And that’s literally all of the information I have. I have no more information about this. One could wonder what it actually says (if anything) for a group that struggles with identity issues and cultural acceptance to have finally launched a magazine celebrating their interests and/or concerns only to fetishize a heterosexual actor wearing costume jewelry from Value Village and a severe pair of Dune spice-hunting gloves PRETENDING to be transgender in the most obvious, superficial, and vampy way possible (photographed by another heterosexual who should probably be in jail, although that’s a separate issue altogether). But what’s even the point of thinking about all that? Thinking is hard! Besides, the days are getting shorter. I just looked out my window and it’s already night time. Let’s just go to sleep. Goodnight!

Click through to enlarge. (Via the HuffintgonPost. Thanks for the tip, Beau.)

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  1. Joe sucks off his cigarette.

  2. So goooewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd

  3. Really, no cigarette holder?

  4. It’s like a magic eye, I still can’t see the Franco.

  5. I always suspected James Franco was probably prettier than me, but it still smarts to have proof. Damn you Franco!!!!!

  6. Sean Young from Blade Runner?

  7. Either way, I’d ignore it on a magazine rack. I don’t even care about whether it’s right or not, it’s just not a very good cover. At the very least, they could’ve put a wig on him. Terry Richardson’s a hack.

  8. Might as well face it.

  9. Only 1,000 copies available worldwide, you guys. It’s a collector’s edition for collectors of….something?

  10. This is another one of Luis Venegas’ magazines (the others being EY! Magateen, a sort of updated, oversized Teen Beat featuring photos of mostly unfamous guys photographed by well-known art and fashion photographers, and Fanzine137, a great art magazine with essays and photographs all assembled around each issue’s theme). They’re all pretty cheeky but all in good fun.

    All that said, Terry Richardson is a creep, gross.

  11. “I’d do you like that, Franco, but you’re not 15-years-old enough” – Terry Richardson

  12. “She’s pretty.”


  13. Me and J Franc arent’ breaking up after this….but he’s sleeping on the couch tonight and explaining exactly how he knows Terry Richardson in the morning.

  14. Pie gif? Anyone??

  15. Terry Richardson is disgusting. Franco’s makeup so garish, and combined with those fetishy gloves, it looks like a reallllllly cheap, really poor LaChapelle imitation. Why not get the man himself, Candy magazine?

  16. Paper Dull(s).

  17. This is obviously not an issue of Candy, the #1 youth magazine in the Philippines.

  18. He sort of just looks like a dude in a sport coat? With some lady accessories? Why would you do this if you aren’t going to DO THIS? Not so good, James Franco.

  19. Nope, still my boyfriend. And also apparently sometimes my girlfriend.

  20. Felicity Huffman wasn’t available?

  21. I wish we had more background information, because I can’t tell from his expression whether or not he’s taking any garbage from any of the horde members that are underneath him.

  22. I was just using him for pillow talk anyway.

  23. I’m usually really attracted to guys in drag (which I sometimes think is a subconscious expression of my fear of intimacy) but this, OOF–and it’s James Franco, I should be off in a corner somewhere dreaming about kissing that lipstick right off his face. Then right back on and back and forth…

  24. This toots has nice lips

  25. Sort of the headlines for the types of articles you might expect to read in this issue of this magazine:

    The Lotion: What Are The Best Baskets?

    Point / Counter-Point – Getting The Hose

    Sewing Tips

    Knowing What Pain Is

  26. So…it may be because of a headsplitting hangover, but I actually barfed within a few minutes of looking at this.

    Eh, what can I say…it’s a look.

  27. I was going to forward this along to Gabe as a tip, but didn’t bother because I knew he’d see it and would not resist it. Looks like Franco isn’t only MY boyfriend, amirite?

  28. She’s pretty. (No Winwo.)

  29. So that’s what Luke Perry has been up to lately. The botox has helped a lot. And the pancake makeup.

  30. Terry Richardson certainly has a gift — he even made Christina Hendricks look like a transvestite!

  31. I agree with Gabe that Terry Richardson is gross and should be in jail. However, cross-dressing ≠ being transgendered or pretending to be transgendered. Some people who cross-dress identify as transgender, but MANY drag queens and many straight men who cross-dress do not. Candy Magazine states that “it is the first transversal style magazine ever completely dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transexuality, cross dressing and androgyny, in all its manifestations”, and I feel like this cover works within that framework. PS while I’m on the subject of nitpicking, HIV ≠ AIDS, even when we’re talking about puppets. And… I’m done.

  32. Sure it’s worth a couple tosses, but no way this will last me through Spring 2011. Pass.

  33. I like his jewelry though. Any details on that?

  34. Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me. I’d fuck me hard.

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