Shakespeare + Russell Brand = WHOOOOOOOOOOOOPS.

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  1. I couldn’t watch it all. This looks incredibly stupid. “STUPIDITY” is right Mr Trailer,

  2. Ewwww it so British-y!

  3. The Tempest + Julie Taymor + Helen Mirren = Nothing else about this matters to Baby Friday. I don’t care what that says about me.

    • ….+ Chris Cooper + Alan Fleming + David Stathairn + Alfred Molina + Djimon Hounsou…

      Does it look ridiculous? Yes. Do I want to go to there? Totally.

      • right? mad at Taymor for getting Brand involved but it kind of looks like a really good version of the Tempest? And honestly, I sort of feel there’s no way to do this play in movie form without CGI.

    • I’m with your equations Baby Friday and Teacherman–I’m totally in. Sometimes trailers are awful and more about representing what Hollywood thinks will sell to audiences then what the movie is actually about.

    • I know! I will so be there. Also I love Russell Brand. I’ll admit it!

  4. Like any sensible person, I really liked Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And like any sensible person, go away for a while Russell Brand.

  5. Too much CGI. Reminds me of a weird Russian wedding video I once saw.

  6. For the love of nachos! WHY?!

  7. I’m not mad at Brand, but I don’t fancy the way this film looks as though it was made on the same set and with the same technology that brought us The Never Ending Story.

  8. I thought the deal was if David Strathairn and Chris Cooper are both in a movie, then John Sayles is required to direct it, like, due to the Constitution?

  9. O brave new world, That has such people in’t!

  10. It’s nice that we now have a video example for Wikipedia of the word “UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH”.

    The only things that will make this even remotely watchable, in order:
    1. Hardcore pornography
    2. Jack, at some point, yelling, “WE HAVE TO GO BACK!”
    3. Zombie Shakespeare rolling (over and) out of his grave and killing Russell Brand.

  11. hard to decide which will be better, after catching the theatrical trailor for Burlesque last night.

  12. I suppose some day throughout film history we were bound to perfect CG and bring animation to a point that what they’re trying to do comes across as legitimately captivating and not wrought with tiny yet hilarious imperfections that sends cracks through the work, which add an unfortunately humorous tone to the sincerity of the work being put forward.

    Today is not this day.

  13. “They made Prospero a CHICK?!”

  14. I couldn’t make it through the trailer. This coming from a person who is currently watching Cheaters.

  15. Wait a minute… mysterious island that brings people to it due to the whim and machinations of some sort of supernatural being? Shakespeare is a PLAGIARIST SCREENWRITER!

  16. Sorry Gabe, I think it looks awesome! Or at least interesting.

    Also, I’ve never read the actual play, so there’s that.

  17. Remember, though, that people thought Shakespeare + Keanu Reeves would = whoops, but “Much Ado About Nothing” turned out to be a pretty fun movie, despite Keanu.

  18. I was really surprised to find that this wasn’t directed by Chris Dane Owens.

  19. Soooo, did anyone else click on the “The Tempest Trailer w/Katherine Heigl” link in the related videos? Hilarious, but also yiiiiiikes!

    (trailer is here:

  20. Sorcery, passion and stupidity. Christine O’Donnell is that you? Life imitating art imitating life, yo. Also, TOO EASY.

  21. Why does everyone think Russell Brand is so terribly miscast as a drunken clown of questionable morality?

  22. Paul Mazursky’s 1982 version features John Cassavettes, a young Molly Ringwald, and the late great Raul Julia playing ‘New York, New York’ on some pan pipes to a bunch of flying goats.

    That’s my Tempest.

  23. Sigur Ros? Really?

  24. Yeah, it’s not like Russell attended the same drama centre as Anthony Hopkins is it? Shakespeare + trained actor = whoops?

  25. Hey on the plus side did anyone spot Reeves Carney with a look that is gunning for the Jeff Buckley biopic. (@ :56, I’m bad at screencaps and gifs, sorry guyyshh)

  26. Sorry did I miss something? that looks fucking fantastic… and I don’t mind russell brand so much as he’s intentionally playing a buffoonish Shakespearian character (with alfred molina? awesome)

  27. Aw, man! This is totally going to outshine my new version of The Tempest as performed by my four cats.

  28. As long as there are “visionary” directors determined to CGI the Hell out of things, there will be this thing, over and over again. One ticket to UGHville please, barf class.

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