GET ME BOURNE! (Via Flickr. Thanks for the tip, Josh.)

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  1. Lego Sad Keanu: 5 out of 10 nerd points

    Lego Crowe T. Robot: Not enough nerd points in all of Nerdia

  2. “It sounds conceptually funny.” -Keanu Reeves responding to his own internet meme in the most pretentious of ways.

  3. I have to say this might be Bing’s best work yet

  4. You funny Gabe

  5. That makes Keanua a Sad Panda.

  6. Gabe, stop skirting around the real issue and tell us where we can find our official Sad Keanu Halloween costume.

    • It’s just a tiny cutout of Sad Keanu hot glued to a safety pin that you can pin somewhere inconspicuous on your body, or to a tiny hat.

  7. I think in 10 years we will all remember where we were when this meme died.

  8. I’m less excited about going to the fair this week now that everything there has to live up to this.

  9. maybe this will finally make him happy? probably not.

  10. The Sad Keanu meme is the chocolate on the raspberry in the dirty cubicle of my life.

    Legos are pretty awesome, too.

  11. Is it possible that the lego-version of Keanu has more emotions than he does?

  12. I love legos. No kiddo, but last year I had my mom send me all my old legos. I am 31 years old.

    • My brother, who is married, just bought a new house. He went to my parents place and took all the old legos out of the basement and they are currently covering the entire floor his guest bedroom. It’s like he’s 8 years old all over again…not old enought to be married and own a house.

  13. what are the characters on either side of him?

    • One has already been identified as the beloved elongated feline, “longcat”, and the other one I think is “Giant Scissor Wielding Franken-Cheerleader Cyborg Umpire Longstocking Tentacle Rape”. But that’s just a guess.

  14. That’s my best friend! Go Josh!

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