Late last week, CNN anchor Rick Sanchez was being interviewed on the radio about whatever one interviews a CNN anchor about. Funny things that happen in the makeup chair? Teleprompter idiosyncrasies? During the interview, though, Rick Sanchez said that he thinks “Jon Stewart is a bigot.” Sure. Whatever. I’m not sure we’re all on the same page about what the word “bigot” means, but fine. It’s like they always say: words are in the mouths of the beholders. But after saying that Jon Stewart was a bigot, Rick Sanchez said that “everybody that runs CNN is a lot like Stewart.” Bigots? He must mean that everybody that runs CNN is a “bigot” like Stewart because surely, SURELY, even the most virulent neo-Nazi knows to keep certain opinions to himself in the year 2010 when he is employed as a News Journalist. Oh wait, no. Concerned that he wasn’t being too on the nose enough, Sanchez added: “to imply that somehow they, the people in this country who are Jewish, are an oppressed minority? Yeah.” OH BOY HERE WE GO. Thank you, Rick Sanchez, for making absolutely certain that there was no lingering doubt about your aggressive anti-Semitism. It was touch and go there for awhile, but you definitely set the record straight. (Sidenote: really with the Jew-run media thing? At the very least, you would think that anti-Semitism would have GROWN UP at a certain point. Our technology can create lifelike dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park movie, but we’re still talking about Jew-run media?) Needless to say, CNN fired Rick Sanchez.

But all of that happened on Friday when the Daily Show does not tape. Last night, Jon Stewart finally had the opportunity to air his response:

Bite the curb, Rick Sanchez. (Via GotchaMedia.)

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  1. I thought this was pure class enough to make up for the impure class of the dirty Sanchez joke thrown in at the end. Jon Stewart can run MY media anytime, AMIRITE LADIES.

  2. Saying that the jews run the media is just plain offensive to the people who are truly in charge, the aliens who have put all their time and effort into making a world full of subliminal messages that can only be observed when wearing the proper sunglasses. Mr. Sanchez, I’m afraid you are NOT all out of bubble gum.

  3. Rick Sanchez has a picture of Sammy Davis, jr., in his wallet. (Two birds, one stone.)

  4. Someone told me that CNN had fired Rick Sanchez and I thought: “Hey, that makes perfect sense! Rick Sanchez is incredibly bad at being a journ-o-list. People who make shows like Rick Sanchez makes shows should definitely be fired from making shows.” But then they told me that Rick Sanchez got fired for calling Jon Stewart a bigot and that he had suggested that the media is run by Jews. Why is that the reason for firing Rick Sanchez??? His crimes against my eyes and ears are so much worse!!

    Shame on CNN, not for doing the wrong thing, but for doing the right thing for the wrong reason.

    • Truly. The fact that people don’t get fired for asking what 9 meters is in English reflects poorly on all humanity.

    • right. it’s ridiculous that they only type of quality control in regards to tv/radio journalists is “cannot be an absolutely obvious fucking racist”. closest racist who says somewhat racist things but never really says something jaw droppingly bad? totally okay. on a sidenote, it’s pretty appalling the number of media figures that go down on a regular basis for saying incredibly fucked up shit. if i was into conspiracy theories, mine would be that the main power nodes of our country are largely controlled by rich white people who are paranoid hateful bigots, like to propagate hateful stereotypes about marginalized communities, consistently advocate for and design policies that actively hurt poor communities of color, and refuse to understand or admit that their privilege and their insistence at rabidly protecting that privilege actively undermines the basic fucking rights of large percentages of our population in this country.

      oh wait. i actually DO believe that.

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        • The operative words are “largely controlled.” Check out William Domhoff’s “Who Rules America” and you’ll quickly realize there aren’t too many faces of color in there.

        • as a white person who admits to having privilege based on my skin color, even though i come from a pretty poor background, i have no problem calling it how i see it- and the fact of the matter is basically every facet of our government and civil society is dominated by rich white people. and yes, the operative words ARE “largely controlled”, as aftershock pointed out.

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          • because it IS relevant that white people dominate government and civil society since so many of the roots of our inequalities in this country are based on race. the structures in our society were purposefully built over hundreds of years to maximize power for a certain demographic at the expense of other demographics, ergo the ethnicity of the people in power is most certainly relevant in any discussion regarding access to power or resources. at this point i’m just going to assume that you’re a troll, because although some white people refuse to admit the influence of race on relative power in this country, that last comment was just beyond dense.

        • In America, if you’re not white, you wear a label that you can’t hide. Not everyone notices or cares, and it’s one of many labels everyone wears regardless of race, but it’s there. If you’re a white man, you don’t have this label. If you’re different, you stand out more. So, for example, if you’re rich and powerful and want to maintain the status quo, you want to make sure you don’t give too much power to anyone who’s gonna shake things up too much. Someone who stands out as “different’ probably isn’t as safe of a bet as someone just like you-rich and, most likely, also white (and a man). So it’s not that being white is the only factor in determining who has power, but it’s not an irrelevant one.

          At least that’s my understanding. I’m sure your Sociology215 class will have far more to say about it.

          • I only took an intro class, and that was ten years ago, halp!

            I’m not trying to be a troll, but I am trying to point out a similarity that I see between Sanchez’s comment and the above one about evil whites.

            Where I’m coming from on this particular issue is influenced by my first impression of Sanchez’s comment. Does html work? An article at Slate said Sanchez “made some rather heavily sarcastic remarks about the power of the American Jewish minority and the sharing of its liberal assumptions by many at the networks.” Had I done more research immediately I probably would have interpreted Sanchez more negatively, focusing on the tired “Jews run the media” bit. But as it was, I sat and thought about it for a while, and the following idea is what came up. I’m sure tomorrow I’ll slap my forehead or something, but here goes:

            Some of the problems we (including me, don’t worry) have with society come not just from the unequal distribution of wealth and power, but especially from the inability of certain groups to improve their status. We look at many of the people in power and see a bunch of middle-aged white dickheads. We look at the under-served (the poor, uneducated, incarcerated) and see black men. As an individual white male, I am more likely to attain wealth and power than my black brother. Race plays a big role in this game, obviously. Whites are in the majority, so that plays a role, too, right?

            My Jewish brother might be yet more likely to attain wealth and power, though, and my Asian brother might surpass me, too. Income and education levels for these minorities are higher than they are for the white majority. Maybe this is the (least offensive) part of what Sanchez was saying. These minorities don’t need extra protection; they seem to be doing all right.

            Now, I’m talking about these different racial groups that are strikingly different from each other in terms of wealth and power. It’s easy for Sanchez to say, “Look at the Jews: The average Jew is doing better than the average white person,” and for us to say, “Look at the whites: The average white asshole is doing better than the average ethnic minority.” But just as the differences between individual humans fade to insignificance when we compare humans to horses, so too do these racial differences in wealth and power fade when we start to look at what I think is the REAL force that perpetuates the inequality: the entrenchment of those who already have wealth and power.

            Almost all of us are in the 80% majority who earn about 15% of the US income. It’s easier for me to make 3-4k more than my black brother, but it is equally impossible for either of us to climb to the top of middle class. A black son in a wealthy family has infinitely more privilege than the average white guy. What separates them more than race is the ridiculous-and-growing income gap between social classes. The top 20% earn 85%.

            So I do think race is important, and we should try much harder than we currently do to improve the fairness of the system. A much bigger factor, though, and one that’s too easy to overlook in reactions to idiots like Sanchez, is the increasingly small minority that controls an increasingly large majority of US wealth and power. Race, though important, is basically a distraction, which is why I recommended that the poster up there take it out of her argument.

          • i will agree with some of your points re: the class issue. class is a massive issue that we do not really address in this country. and the simple fact is that class and race are very, very linked. but my main point is this: it’s unacceptable for white people to tell communities of color that the race problem is over in this country, or that it’s a “distraction”. just because we don’t have to sit around and think about how race impacts our lives doesn’t give us the right to dismiss the racial construct that we live in.

      • Your ideas are intriguing to me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

        • More downvotes??

          Short version and then you can be rid of me:
          The people who have wealth and power are not out to get the black man or any other race/ethnicity. They’re colorblind. They’re out to get the poor. The class divide is sharper and more threatening than the race divide.

          • Sorry, cross post.

            All I was suggesting from the start is that when you describe The Man, his whiteness is not a significant factor in his motivation. You were talking about the terrible practices of those who control nodes of power.

            I think more damage is done in the name of racism by middle and lower classes — ie not the ones who are pulling the strings.

  5. As a joke, I was looking for a Justice league type picture of Jewish people, but, um when you google “Jew Mafia” you don’t get anything funny. More like weird 9/11 conspiracy stuff. So yea… Im going stop searching that now

  6. My theory: Much like Vinny Chase, once Rick Sanchez got away with murder, he became a terrible person junkie and needed to constantly push the limits of being a terrible person just to feel alive:

    On December 10, 1990, Sanchez was in a neighborhood in the vicinity of Joe Robbie Stadium, driving home with his father from football game when he struck Jeffrey Smuzinick, a pedestrian who was inebriated. Sanchez attempted to flee from the location at which the accident occurred after parking. Contrary to statements by witnesses that Sanchez protested in a shrill tone against the evaluation of his blood alcohol content because he believed that his reputation would thereby be damaged, while paying no attention to Smuzinick, Sanchez asserted that he attempted to attract the notice of passing drivers and to render medical assistance. Smuzinick was paralyzed and, on November 2, 1995, died in an assisted living facility. A breathalyzer test by police determined that Sanchez’s blood alcohol level was above the legal limit. He was not charged with causing the accident, but he was charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and pleaded No Contest.

  7. So, is Rupert Murdoch Jewish? Because he runs the media.

  8. In Fairness, Rick Sanchez is a fucking idiot.

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    • It would be totally disingenuous for him to be like, “Oh, no, really? I’ve always felt that that guy deserves a job more than everyone.” I thought the clip he added of Sanchez talking about the Nazi was (despite the audience’s laughter) not a joke–like he was actually trying to say that he does not believe Sanchez is bigoted. In that respect, I thought this was a pretty classy response.

      • I agree about that end clip not being a joke. Re. the audiences’ laughter, if you’ve ever been in the audience for a Daily Show taping, you know how you are “warmed up” by an unfunny “comedian” who basically orders you to overlaugh, hoot and holler, and applaud at every possible provocation. The rationale is that the audience at home will not know when to laugh unless they hear you do it first. So anytime the studio audience is going apeshit during The Daily Show, just think to yourself, “They are so excited to be in this room that they will do anything an unfunny comedian tells them to.”

    • The day I can watch DailyShow videos in the UK is the day that the world may truly know peace.

    • I feel like he was trying to walk a fine line of trying to be funny but not jerky about the whole thing. It felt a little flat to me.

    • Well, to be fair, Jon Stewart NEEDS to be on that high horse. How else is he going to reach Rick Sanchez’s stupid, fat face to smack it like he deserves?

      • Harumph! I protest this downvote! He is a tiny man who I want to put in my pocket!

        Also, I don’t think he was smug about it, but if anybody deserves to be all “Ha ha ha! That idiot got fired!” it is Jon Stewart.

  10. Well it’s certainly not run by those Media students who never go to class…

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  12. So when does he start his new job with Fox?

  13. You guys, old school prejudice is sooooooo in right now! You gotta strike while the iron’s hot though. I call Germans (dirty Krauts).

  14. I thought it was somewhat classy of Stewart, after being called a bigot and part of the international jewish conspiracy, to actually DEFEND Rick Sanchez and say that he didn’t think that Sanchez is actually racist. Granted, saying “I don’t think X is a bigoted racist, I just think he’s a buffoon” is a textbook example of damning with faint praise, but still.

    • I wouldn’t say Jon Stewart was defending Rick. He was just pointing out that there wasn’t much need for him to jump on the Sanchez dogpile. Besides, the point of the show is to have Jon Stewart as the sane voice of reason, and a foil to the media’s obsession with knee-jerk reactionary politics and fake controversies. Having Jon do anything but take the classy route would be out of character for both him and the show.

  15. Maybe Mike Cox can make Sanchez the new Michigan Assistant Attorney General

  16. Sanchez will be fine, it’s just a flesh wound.

  17. This is great and all, but let’s see the Sam Harris segment, because he is my boyfriend.

  18. Jurassic Park was directed by Stephen Spielberg, and the dinosaurs were brought to life by the late Stan Winston .

    “Jews in the media can create lifelike dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park movie, but we’re still talking about Jew-run media?”

    It’s not that I don’t appreciate your greater point, but you might want to find a less ironic example, unless I’m just missing your subtle joke.

    For realz, though. Rick Sanchez has always been a moron.

  19. this video is 9 minutes and 11 seconds long. 9:11. never forget.

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