Uh, this is ridiculous. From Charlyne Yi:

As Urlesque points out, it’s possible that the whole thing is fake, because it is 2010, and Everything Is Fakeable. But it’s probably not fake? Because TMZ is the worst? If it was possible to hit a website in the head with a tire iron, I’m not saying I would do such a thing, but I would definitely not be upset if TMZ got hit in the head with a tire iron. And I wouldn’t be upset if the traumatic injury resulted in TMZ getting amnesia and spending a few years wandering around the Midwest, picking up odd jobs and surviving off the kindness of strangers. Eventually in their middle-age, TMZ would succumb to a brain aneurysm caused by the untreated effects of that long ago attack by tire iron, and some local municipality would have to pay for their cremation, because no one would come to collect the body. Not body, website. You get my point. Which is FUCK TMZ.

UPDATE: from an “anonymous” tip: As a close friend of Charlyne’s, I would like to confirm that the TMZ incident was real. Not only does Charlyne not smoke (cigarettes or marijuana,) but the whole screaming incident was intended to be a humorous and was taken out of context. I would also like to say that the Oxfam event that day was professional and raised thousands of dollars in donations, which was completely overlooked in the TMZ report.

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  1. VIDEOGUM EVERYWHERE CHALLENGE: Hit TMZ in the head, with a tire iron.

    • FUCK
      I went to tmz.com
      and wielded a tire iron on my monitor
      I wouldn’t recommend this
      -Sent Via DS3Mobile

    • Actually, a good VIDEOGUM EVERYWHERE CHALLENGE would be to donate an amount of money to Oxfam (again that’s oxfamamerica.org ) that equals how much you fucking hate TMZ. I’m actually poor as hell right now but maybe I’ll pop over and Paypal them something to stop somebody out there from starving to death.

      know what I’m talking about.

      Oh wait no, they don’t.

  2. Seriously, you guys, fuck TMZ. They are the WORST. (Let’s lump Perez Hilton into this too.)

  3. I hope one day Harvey Levin is walking out of a bathhouse or something and it’s caught on tape and put on the internet because Karma

  4. I like that the support they give for their implication that she’s a pothead is that she was in a movie where she smoked pot.

    BREAKING NEWS: TMZ reports that Anthony Hopkins is a cannibal but doesn’t have to go to jail because he’s a celebrity!

  5. So TMZ is basically Disney Blam for adults?

    Charlyne Yi just donated 5 bucks to BLAMATIY! Ya burnt, Charlyne! (I guess?)

  6. TMZ will definitely be used as evidence against the human race in 2012 court.

  7. On a positive note, nice to see that the BLAM guy found a job more suited to his unique talents than the Disney Channel.

  8. I’m assuming that this is fake, but the fact that it’s kind of plausible is depressing enough.

    We need to write letters to President Camacho because there are clearly asses that need to be kicked.

  9. You can tell she was kidding because cigarettes haven’t cost five dollars in like a million years.

  10. I think the biggest crime here is that TMZ is FORCING me sympathize with celebrities I HATE. I actually WANT TO LIKE Charlyne Yi now.

  11. I always knew TMZ was a collective asshole, but I didn’t know it was an asshole-asshole.

  12. The only thing worse than joking about the name of a perfectly good charity was what they actually did.

  13. Hate ‘em all and let God sort it out.

  14. I am just so confused with why they would pick on Charlyne Yi, a girl who has only been in one particularly popular movie and had a MINOR role in it!

    Seriously, fuck TMZ.

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  16. The Oxfam=Oxen Aid made me cringe so much my face turned inside out. Thanks TMZ, I have to wait until it pops back now.

  17. “We are going to need a bigger Ninth Circle of Hell.” –Dante

    “Shit, why did I get the Lucifer with only three mouths? I should have sprung for the one with like fifty. Stupid, stupid, stupid.” –God

    “It’s funny because she is trying to help poor people and was in a movie! Oh, shit, I’m out of Slupree.” –TMZ

  18. concert_addict, do you have a gif of Britta saying, “Slow news day”?

  19. what i don’t understand is why these huge celebrities like Charlyne Yi always talk the big talk in getting us poor people into donating money for their humanitarian causes when they could solve world hunger with their big fat celebrity paychecks. Thank you TMZ for bringing this to my attention

  20. We are not 4chan, so we can’t find really punk those assholes they way they deserve, but what about a a BNPG suggestion: Photoshop all those TMZ assholes doing other fun things?

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  22. Annoying Things Celebrities Get to Do Because They Can, TMZ? I think anybody can do this and have seen multiple examples on campus and downtown to confirm that anybodies do do this. Haha…do do.

  23. As much as I hate TMZ, and they are awful and wrong in everything they do including this, I do agree with them that Charlyne Yi is annoying. And if you downvote this comment, you obviously have never seen her perform live.

    • Aw, I’m not going to downvote you because I can understand why she’s not everyone’s cup o’ tea, but I saw her perform with her band at UCB earlier this year and I was thoroughly entertained! To each his something.

  24. Can this “Anonymous Source” slash “Friend” tell Charlyne Yi that I have a crush on her because she is funny and pretty? Thanks in advance Videogum and Videogum anonymous source person!

  25. I just want to point out that no one watches that TMZ TV show. Literally no one. Not a single person, ever (I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure). I mean, it’s filler between reruns of Judge Judy and Friends for chrissakes. Wh

  26. My favourite part was when she explained that the $5 could feed a family for a week and the narrator sarcastically intoned, “wow, she is making a difference!”

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