I know, kid. I know!* (Via TheAwl.)

*A general boredom with this day, and a humorous reference to a child’s inherent sleepiness in the face of Adult Business, even when that Adult Business is the Governing of Our Nation as being the sleepiness we all face is in no way an endorsement of domestic violence. I continue to be firmly anti-domestic violence. Hate the stuff.
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  1. I feel it, too. Though I’m kind of thankful to be bored today after the week I’ve had (Work stinks! Am I right?). I’m going to go home, turn on C-Span and just snooze out.

  2. Why is he even there? Was it take your child to work day? Seems like only his dad got how that worked

  3. Home Alone 4: Lost In Congress

  4. Take your child to work day was, by Congress’s standards, a complete success.

  5. that’s Jack Donaghy Jr. (R-NY), the youngest person elected to the US HoR. He’s just tired because he was out late last night after being named Best by his 4th grade class.

  6. Look how comfy those leather chairs are! Everyone in Congress must always be fallin asleep.

  7. I’m sorry, Gabe. I have to respectfully disagree. Today is Friday, and I just got paid.

  8. What I don’t understand is why he’s the ONLY person behind our guy. Did everyone else stretch out on mats on the floor for naptime?

  9. This is so symbolic. The kids trying so hard to stick in there.
    Everybody still has hoping for American politics, but deep inside our body gets the better of us: “who the hell are you kidding?”

  10. I’m going to put this on for my kid so he can chill the eff out and I can watch my stories.

  11. That kid’s struggle mirrors my own my entire first year at college. I feel for him.

  12. Fun Fact:

    I once made food for Ted Poe back when I cooked for Pappy’s Barbecue in Dayton, TX. Actually that’s pretty boring.

    • Fun Fact:

      A good friend of mine worked as a Senate page (they exist!) in high school. One day none other than Strom Thurmond called her over to his seat, in a whispery sort of way. He thrust something in her hand and said it was of utmost importance that she get it back to his office immediately. Filled with urgency and a sense of importance, she ran and caught the shuttle bus to his office. It wasn’t until she sat on the bus that she thought to look at what the object was Thurmond has thrust into her hand. It was a piece of meat, from the cafeteria, wrapped in a couple napkins.

      If I had to order the things I cling to in this world, it would be 1) my guns, 2) my religion and 3) my belief that this story is 100% accurate.

      • As a person that hails from the great state that continued to re-elect Strom until he was a mummy in a tomb…that sounds about right. My grandmother took my brother to “meet” the esteemed senator, who proceeded to give my brother a keyring.

        My brother was 18 months old. He lost the keyring.

        (Still–Carolina forever!!)

    • Wait you WHAT WHAT?? you’re from Dayton too?????

      Of all the tiny towns in Texas, Dayton??!! Sister city of Liberty and home to not one damn thing?

      I feel like I just entered a wormhole or somethin’

  13. Look, I had errands to run and a dinner date with an old friend, and Gymboree was already closed. What was I supposed to do?

  14. Today, my job gave away 50 pairs of tickets to see nickelback. They found 50 people who wanted not only to only see nickelback, but wanted to bring a friend.

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