I know that Eminem is in recovery now, or whatever, but he’s clearly still abusing Perpetually Angry Voice Pills.

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  1. Wait, isn’t Lil Wayne in jail? I would think “no love” would be preferable to any other kind he might be getting.

  2. I always think of Ricky dancing with Delia on My So-Called Life whenever I hear that song they sampled.


  3. Nothing says menacing more aptly than a Haddaway sample

  4. The beginning of this song is fucking with us right?
    Bc I hear that & I only think about this

  5. Can’t watch it :(

  6. I couldn’t go through the whole video. I miss Eminem’s first CD. This is just stupid.

    • I didn’t see this video, but ems flow on this track is RIDONK

      He has a bunch of other good one liners and verses within songs on the album, but none of the songs are as good as Slim Shady lp.

      So yeah, We gonna let him finish, but Slim Shady LP was the best eminem disc of all time. all time.

      • totally agree times forever. i was really impressed with his verse, though it might be partly because i was expecting the worst.

  7. “Bullying is wrong, y’all. Ok, so this next track is about me raping my ex-wife Kim with a chainsaw.”

    • I went to see Eminem and Jay-Z in Detroit and at one point, between songs, he says, “Ayo, quick question. How many of y’all ever been abused by a parent?” There was an awkward pause, but then my friends and I looked around to hear numerous shouts of “YEAH!!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!!!” It was bizarre. Anyway, he went straight into “Cleaning Out My Closet” and we all rapped along.

  8. I hate it when I try to listen to songs about killing my wife and mother, only to be interrupted by Daft Punk loving bullies.

  9. I think it’s kind of scary that the kid getting bullied here is a WAY cooler dresser then I was at that age. Or still am at this old age. I hated being a kid. :( OH WELL now I can afford to buy my own video games and skittles!

  10. That was tense.

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