“What? That normal thing? What about it?” — Everyone. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Dummies, it’s for your penis

  2. I will assume this is David Cronenberg’s phone?

  3. um, what?

  4. Awesome, thanks Japan!

  5. I find this extremely unsettling. It’s like iphone peristalsis.

  6. Is this the Eraserhead app?

  7. this is what happens when it opens iTunes…

  8. I for one welcome this video’s inclusion. I mean, sometimes you just want to see something totally normal and not at all phobia-inducing.

  9. Bing, of course, explains the context with a link. A culture of denying Jewish heritage indeed.

  10. Why is that power strip pooping an iPhone?

  11. Someone likes Words With Friends a bit too much

  12. Apple unveils the iYai Yai.

  13. I think it’s an umbilical cord, so its probably giving birth to an iPhone. Totally normal.

  14. eXistenZ, anyone?

  15. So, uh… are iPhones the only thing you can stick in there?

  16. Well, I’m never sleeping again.

  17. You guys are so immature. This is the miracle of life we’re experiencing!

  18. Uh, so, does it ever finish swallowing the thing? Jeez. It’s like watching a snake swallow an ostrich egg.

  19. Christ. Is that a colon?

  20. this is the smuggest I have ever felt as a blackberry owner. it’s kind of nice.

  21. My pod is sick!

  22. Everybody loves using their iPhones but nobody wants to see where they come from.

  23. Jesus. Neo-Tokyo really is about to E•X•P•L•O•D•E, isn’t it?

  24. The question becomes, how do you jailbreak that bad boy? Wait…. don’t answer that.

  25. sleep again,

  26. Yuck!! I feel like vomiting seeing this….
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