This is just wonderful. Even better than Space Chair! Someone get this man a Father of the Year Mousepad for his home office, ASAP (As Soon As Possible).

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  1. Cool. I mean, whatever. My dad did stuff with me, too.

    • “Be grateful for what you have, son. Now I scrimped and saved for that Super Nintendo 64 you got for Christmas. You remember how happy you were that day?”

  2. They sent an iPhone into space? Doesn’t Boost Moblie™ have a GPS option or something? I was very worried for that iPhone.

  3. This is way cooler than the pinewood derby.

    • Oh man, as a girl watching my brothers make pinewood derby cars with my dad, I can say that NOTHING is cooler and more alluring than the pinewood derby.

      Don’t worry though, my dad and I built a whole farmhouse together so I wouldn’t be left out of the wood working fun.

  4. Not all dads are YOUR dad.

  5. Getting high with your father: you’re doing it right!

  6. rich people are having way more fun than us

  7. This would make a great radiohead video for their next single.

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