They are adapting Myst, a highly popular computer game from the 1840s, into a feature film. Sure. It’s called knowing what people are still interested in and definitely want, and giving it to them. From IWatchStuff:

Once the best-selling PC game of all time (until The Sims took care of that), Myst spawned several less-popular sequels and even a few novels to aid the really hardcore Myst fans in establishing a rich canon to discuss at MystCon. Apparently, that book trilogy is the basis for their current script, and it’s said to explore “the backstory of the civilization known as The D’ni, the infinite number of worlds they could create and control and a young woman from Earth and her accidental intrusion into the D’ni society,” so that should give you some vague, apostrophe-filled idea of what the final product might resemble.

Personally, this whole thing gives me memory hives. Just seeing the name Myst makes my head fall off and roll down the hill into the creek. I hated that game so much! What a horrible impossible game that I wanted so bad to be good at and enjoy but was so bad at and did not enjoy even a little bit. Here’s an IMDB Memorable Quote of me playing that game: “I’ve been doing this for three hours and I’m right back at the Rune Sun Dial! My Life Is Bunicula!” Ugh. And how is it that hologram books are even more boring than regular books? Not that I didn’t go through the entire library of 450 hologram books trying to discover the secret of the abandoned planetarium OR WHATEVER THE FUCK. Myst. UGH! “Guy, where’s my copy of Myst?” “Oh, I, uh, I threw it in the garbage.”

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  2. Well, with TRON, the Pong Movie, and Galaga:Galxion’s Story Due to Come Out Soon, the time for this seems pretty ripe.

  3. Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery. Classic American literature.

  4. to give people a viewing experience similar to playing the game, when you rent it, you will spend an entire weekend trying to get out of the DVD menu screen before realizing it is due back at the store the next day and just giving up.

  5. I thought the movie version of “Pong” wasn’t so bad, even if they did change the title to “The Blind Side.”

  6. I’m holding out for the movie of EverEarth.

  7. Is the movie just a slideshow of first person perspectives with no dialogue and sporadic animations throughout that constantly overwhelms the projector and causes it to freeze up?

  8. It looks like things are paving away for my dream of Marble Madness: The Movie!!!

  9. So its a movie about a guy who walks in circles for 18 hours before deciding to play Duke Nukem instead?

    • I’m not sure a long, frustrating Myst movie would be much worse than a Civilization movie, where no matter how old I would get, I would still catch myself watching one of its sequels at 4:00 in the morning saying “just one more scene, just one more scene” over and over again with popcorn and beer scattered around the living room and work 3 hours away…

  10. I can’t wait for Ever Quest: The Movie.

    Oh wait, what’s that? They made it already? It’s called Avatar? Well shit.

  11. Clicking on Valves that Hopefully Do Something Useful: The Movie

  12. I actually beat Myst but the sequel, Riven, was a full on traumatic experience. Something about playing until hours that aren’t supposed to exist, and a surround sound speaker crashing to the floor behind me and MAYBE the shock of the sound mixed with being so engrossed MIGHT have made me immediately burst into tears. THIS IS ALL SPECULATIVE AND UNHELPFUL.

  13. Is the movie going to be true to the Myst experience and have me cry tears of frustration because I don’t know what’s going on anymore?

  14. I loved Myst!

    I was also an extremely lonely child with terrible taste in things. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

  15. Being a regular Mr. Cool Guy, I played The Labyrinth of Time instead. Now THERE’S a movie waiting to happen.

  16. I say we wait for the Leisure Suit Larry game. We can go to our friend’s house and watch our friend’s brother’s copy and then never speak of it again.

    • I think there already was a Leisure Suit Larry game? A couple of them, actually.

    • oh man, memory lane city, it was actually my brother’s friend’s copy, but close enough. i remember playing it at like 10 years old, when my brother and his friends were all 13 or 14. they were always giggling and i’d laugh along like i knew exactly what the fuck was going on. around the same time i begged my parents to get me the candyman cassette for xmas. we listened to “knockin’ boots” on the drive over to my aunt’s house and my mom goes “well, this is quite, uh, mature.”

  17. this is promising. time to dust off my old ports of call script.

  18. Fuck, I want to see this, but my Packard Bell doesn’t play DVDs.
    (Old Computer references!!!!!)

  19. Anyone else get creeped out by it? I mean, you’re wandering around a spooky deserted island by yourself, looking at creepy, cryptic passage/pictures. This is scary when you are 11 and your mom is at the grocery store!

    • The first time I ever saw Myst I was totally high and this friend of my boyfriend’s took us up to his company’s conference room on a Saturday when nobody was around and we watched while he played it ON A BIG SCREEN, MAN. I was like “Whooooooaaaaa” because I had never seen that type of video game before and of course, I was baked.

      Later I tried actually playing it, while not high, and was not as impressed.


  21. Gabe, you sound angrier than Atrus when he was betrayed by Sirrus and Achenar. Y’know what I mean?

  22. DIG DUG. It’s almost time for Dig Dug.

  23. I am a pretty big MYST nerd. Played the original sooo many times. Riven was decent. MYST III was great (Brad Dourif anyone?). The less said about MYST 4 the better, but MYST: End of Ages was a lot of fun and tied up a lot of loose ends story wise.

    To be fair, this movie seems to be drawing from the novels rather then the games themselves. I only read the first novel, but judging from that and the connected, overarching story elements in the games, there is actually potential for a MYST movie to be good. I’m sure they’ll screw it up though.

    • Upvotes for you. The mythology of the series was easily the best part of it, and the first novel was actually half-decent.

      I still listen to the Myst III theme recreationally, because of it being the best.

    • I love the series. Like, a lot. I’ve played every game (Riven and Uru are my favs), and read two of the novels (they were not very good).

      The series has a really rich, subtle mythology and at one point I got really into it. Like you know how some people read Tolkien and then go out and get all the extra books about Middle Earth and learn Elvish and stuff? Well when I was about sixteen I found all the supplemental material on the Myst world I could, and tried to learn a bit of D’ni. There was a point in time where I could write numbers in D’ni pretty easily.

      The stories in the games are usually passable. At least they deal with real themes (family, betrayal, social inequalities) and explore them through atmospheric exploration rather than the usual video game technique of shooting and punching, which COULD make for a better movie than Super Mario Bros or Doom.


      • I’m glad someone mentioned the novels. I thought the first one was pretty enjoyable, though I was markedly disappointed to receive it for Christmas. 2 was all right and 3 was meh, but I think there could be a genuinely interesting movie made from them. Could be.

      • I adore the series as well. Glad to see that some other readers enjoy it. I’ve played every game, including URU; hell, I even dabbled in the online version of URU. I read The Book of Atrus and the Book of Ti’ana…not sure how the number system works with those. I think the most surprising aspect of novels was that they were actually decent. I actually really enjoyed the Book of Ti’ana, which they’re basing the film off of. I may be biased (and I my secretly, but also not so secretly have dreams of seeing the Myst universe on screen), but I think this film has potential if it’s done correctly. But fuck, what do I know? I said the same thing about the Avatar: The Last Airbender film, which M. Night took a shit on. I like these directors though, I’ve been following their production blogs and they seem like genuine, normal dudes with a vision. Can’t hate on that, Gabe.

        I think the Myst/D’ni universe has just as much depth as some other well-known universes (Middle Earth, Star Wars universe, Hogwarts, etc.) Its fan-base has remained fairly loyal too, despite Cyan’s financial woes and issues with getting URU’s online version up and running–and that’s inspiring to me. Nerd tears and stuff.

        nerd rant over.

  24. I recently downloaded Myst for the iPhone to try and relive my childhood.

    I don’t think they realized the danger of making this game for a device that was so easy to hurl across the room.

  25. I’ve always wanted to watch a two hour cut scene without being able to play before or after.

    • Coming from a nerd who recorded all the final fantasy 9 cutscenes onto a vhs tape to watch synched up to TOOL music (college!), I’ve always wanted to watch a two hour cutscene without being able to play before or after too. Some might call that a computer-animated movie, some might say I got my wish when Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children came out, but still, I’m with you, grittyreboot. HEY! What if they made a Reboot movie?

      • A Reboot movie? I would watch it, and so would my brother – he’s the one that got me to start watching it. I assume since you brought it up, you would watch it too. That’s at least three people, which is a fine start to an audience. Hollywood, are you reading this?

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    • If you were being totally honest your full disclosure should have mentioned that you love Myst, that Myst is your boyfriend and that you plan on marrying Myst.

  28. Ok, so, probably no one is even looking at this thread anymore, but there was so much love for old games that I had to ask:

    Any Star Control 2 fans hanging around? The Ur-Quan Masters? Anyone?

  29. “My life is Bunnicula.” So good.

  30. I think playing Myst as a kid actually cured me of playing computer games ever again. Sure, I dabbled in Sim Copter, but I can remember staying in that goddamn pump/valve shack thing for HOURS and then scratching my eyes out.

    Graphics were pretty cool though at the time.

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