It’s crazy how accurate this is. Who wrote this scene, GEORGE WASHINGTON’S CHERRY TREE? (Huh?) I wonder what headline this was ripped from. Probably:

“Hilarious Caricature Of A Slob Is Addicted To Videogame That Does Not Exist But Looks Like It Was Coded By Fred Savage In A Wizard Sequel From 2001, Uses Nonsense “Gamer Slang” He Makes Up On The Spot, And Locks Non-Daughter In Comical Saw III Room Under The Stairs Of His Disgusting New York Apartment That Is Disgusting But Has Stairs? A New York Apartment With Stairs? But It’s A Shithole? His Girlfriend/Wife Is Also Hilarious.”

You know, a headline. Like, a news headline. (Thanks for the tip, Benjamin.)

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  1. i keep my kid involved in my gaming life by letting her trash talk to the people i pwn….these people, they are the reall addicts.

  2. It was co-produced by Speed Weed. What did you expect?

  3. “Co-Producer: Speed Weed”

    Awesome parents

  4. This is basically the nerd equivalent of a kid pushing his eyelids to the sides and going “Chin Chong Chang I am Chinee! Gimme Chopstickies! ”

    Learn the culture and show some humility, L&O:SVU!

  5. Who has the cutest avatar here? facetaco? notsewfast? where do you guys live

  6. I’m just going to park this right here:!/FINALLEVEL


  7. SVU, you have just been powned!

    Did I do that right?

  8. The breeding scientist from Jurassic park found a new career as a psychologist. Good for him!


    Will use this repeatedly to interrupt conversations from here on out.

    Speed Weed?
    (I think JD Pointed that out on the twitters…
    Here it is – No wonder SVU is a little sloppier now. Not doctored. This is someone’s name.

  11. ok, wait a second, pause the game. aka shit my dad says.

  12. I thank the hour I spent reading wikipedia’s list of unusual deaths article for my ability to bring you this gem of reality
    2009: Kim Sa-rang, a 3-month-old Korean girl, died from malnutrition after both her parents spent hours each day in an internet cafe raising a virtual child on an online game, Prius Online.[178]

  13. You guys really need to see the episode they based off of Second Life. That shit was banannas.


  14. How could they let the kid die?!


  16. So what, you’re saying that gamer guy’s not real?? I suppose next you’re going to tell me that Jayne Mansfield’s hot daughters don’t all work shit jobs like SVU in real life, eh? Liar!

  17. Wait a second, pause the game! Is that Dundledorf’s Castle 2? I need to get down to Best Buy…

  18. Side Note: On Jayne Mansfield’s Wikipedia page, the word “Cleavage” is hot-linked to an entire page helping people understand what the term means. Thank god they warded off the inevitable confusion.

  19. Thank goodness there’s a show out there that’s willing to deal with an important issue like rape by coming up with ridiculous plots about video game-addicted caricatures who have been hit over the head by a bus and so can’t recognise their own child.

    • I am divided on this point. This show has been so irresponsible in its handling of the important issues, with huge sweeping generalizations regarding the important issues (repressed memory syndrome, gender ambiguity and post-traumatic stress disorder are the first examples of this which leap to my mind, as I am seldom able to watch the program without dry-heaving from the ineptitude of the writers), that I would almost prefer their more blatantly caricature-based stories. At least then whatever rediculous messages conveyed are less likely to be treated as credible.

      Honestly I have found the success of this show, and the lack criticism has received from the date of its first airing, to be completely baffling. At best it seemed little more than an excuse to display two perpetually overwrought characters, both under the impression that they have some special qualification (always implied, but hardly ever demonstrated because the writers are such turds) to understand and address the important issues. The only justification reiterated, ad nauseum, provided for this presumption of qualification is that they are perpetually overwrought. BIG FAIL.

  20. I love how we are meant to believe the Lead Nerd’s shock that he has been accused of raping his daughter because of his very legitimate desperation at having “not had sex with anyone for months.”

    Judge: And did you rape this girl?
    Accused Nerd: Can you even imagine someone as PATHETIC as me having sex? With anyone? Literally, like even if I forced myself on them, as is the case with RAPE, your honor, can you really imagine that?
    Judge: NOT GUILTY

  21. Law & Order: SVU was hit by a bus and its brain went clink clank whirrrrrr BROING! bzzzzkt and now it can’t recognize its own oh, sure, HUH?! Science fact.

  22. you people remember that one episode of the sopranos where spider aka christopher is all like “Law and Order SUV” ha ha ha

  23. WHERE WHERE WHERE is the clip of the basketball monkey?

  24. Can we also take a moment to talk about the other episode WITH JOAN CUSACK????

    Cusack! Seriously. CUSACK.

  25. In Law & Order’s defence, he was on level 20. Every gamer knows that is the most important level. Levels, of course, being the way in which video games are made here in 1992.

  26. My wife and I are basically 75 years old (okay, 75 next month), so we love to sit down and watch this show (ON THE TELEVISION!) each Wednesday. This is how we’ve learned that every gamer keeps a child in a Harry Potter closet, that every Wall Street banker will be the victim of a bondage thing gone wrong, and that there are real life rapists who, for the past twenty years, have flown around to different cities all over the country where they have a special rape victim that lives in each one that they rape for keeps. The only other program we watch in order to keep abreast of what’s happening in this world is 60 Minutes.

  27. Wow. This show has really gone downhill since the Kathy Griffin lesbian kiss episode.

  28. Seth Rogan has really let himself go huh?

  29. In a way it’s almost TOO accurate.

  30. that fat ass is only lvl. 20 and he’s that pissed about the game being turned off. It only took me like three hours to reach lvl. 20. and i wasn’t even playing co-op.

  31. do we all know this is actually a thing that happened, that this wasn’t just sarcastically ‘ripped from the headlines’ of law and order not knowing how videogames work (which is hilarious) but that it is a story actually RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES? um, i get most of my news from facebook and videogum (whoops, those are my news sources), so it’s possible i even first read about this here, but i can’t find it here now so just in case this is news to anyone:

  32. I am not a gamer, but I had memories of the Legend of Zelda after watching that clip.

  33. How long has Mrs. Krabappel been doing voice work for Mariska Hartigay?

  34. I am SO SAD that I missed this! Because, people, have you SEEN that crazy “Russian Love Poem” episode? At one point, Mariska Hargitay asks the wife of a man who was murdered tied up in his S&M gear while having an affair, “Do you know who would have raped your husband with a banana?” BECAUSE HE WAS ALLERGIC, YOU SEE.

    Seriously, that shit is on Netflix Instant. Watch it.

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