There is, of course, the old statistical allegory in which the idea of an infinite number of possibilities is represented by a dozen monkeys (or one immortal monkey, according to Jorge Louis Borges) banging away at the keys of a dozen typewriters for an infinite amount of time will, eventually, through sheer chance, perfectly recreate every book in the British Museum. It is a cute theorem, and it certainly gets the idea across. But I think that we can all agree that a dozen monkeys (or one immortal monkey, or one million monkeys) recording ad infinitum on a dozen (or one infinitely battery-charged, or one million) FlipCams would never come up with half the shit we’re coming up with these days. WE CRAZY FOR THIS ONE, METAPHORICAL MONKEYS. (Via GorillaMask.)

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  1. Obviously should have put the bones and stuff together, jumped on the trampoline, and played the video backwards. Rare miss, Vitutuska.

  2. Ever since Rudolph got him hooked on crystal meth, Santa’s never been the same.

  3. Santa needs his own creative outlets too, people.

  4. I’m Still Here, On Your Trampoline. A Ben Affleck/Joaquin Phoenix production.

  5. I think this, more than anything Videogum has ever done, qualifies as a trampoline accident.

  6. I can’t believe my Videogum song entry has leaked already.

  7. Is that Tim Harrington?

  8. The sweat descends

  9. I thought “America’s Got Talent” was over.

  10. That is a particularly well-placed play button on the video still.

  11. “Dad! Ugh. Do you have any idea how long it took me to get my snakes and bones just right on the trampoline? Do you? I spent all afternoon! And here you go, fucking it up again. This is like the third time this month. Please, just get dressed. Mom is going to be picking me up in half an hour. I hate court mandated visitation.” –Me, 1984

  12. There’s no Wikipedia entry for Vitutuska, so I don’t think it’s a thing.

  13. [Fake] Snakes (and Bones and a [Gay?] Weird Old Dude) on a (Bouncing) Plane.

  14. Is this supposed to be a viral marketing campaign for this guy’s Etsy shop for bones, rubber snakes and fine turquoise jewelry?

  15. “I think the artist here is commenting on the curved space theory of the universe and how our lives, and thus, deaths relate to the world as a whole. The man, seemingly flailing about with obvious symbolism of the bones, shows that we are in constant struggle to center our ultimate destinations (our fate, if you will) upon an unwieldy plane of existence. The use of what we would call a traditionally unattractive man (although that is also extremely subjective) points out to the audience the complete vulnerability and lack of poise with which all of us meet our ends.” – Man in black ribbed turtleneck

  16. Youtube’s done wonders for Paganism, hasn’t it?

  17. I wonder what the hourly wage and benefits are for that job?

  18. I don’t want to go back and check more than three times, but there’s definitely some bonus footage around the six second mark.

  19. Hot Cats guy is back!

    Seriously, this guy is a treasure. I love his body of work, and his regular body.

  20. This guy is just begging to be tractor-beamed and probed.

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