Enough! Let’s turn those frowns upside down! Zach Galifianakis was on Fresh Air yesterday. Let’s listen here. Better.

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  1. Dude hates strip clubs!

  2. Hearing NPR dude describe The Hangover was pretty great

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  4. Dude, this interview is depressing. Galifianakis is talking about working as a busboy in a NY strip club & finding the strippers unsexy & depressing. :(

  5. For two years, I imagined Terry Gross was a sexy thirty-something Carrie Mulligan based on her voice. I hate to open wizard curtains, but that just is not true my friends.

  6. The magic fades as the sun comes up, it’s time he goes
    A hand on his shoulder, he turns around: it’s Terry Gross
    He takes her hand, spins her body just so
    He holds her close, they will never let go
    As the room explodes, they dance like angels

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