Fall has fallen! Just kidding. Los Angeles experienced the hottest day in the history of days this week, and New York is a balmy 77 degrees. Also: other cities in other states with temperatures. Nevertheless, this week marks the autumnal equinox, and you know what that means! BOBBING FOR APPLES. Haha. What if we all had to bob for apples all the time? What a nightmare. Even once is a nightmare. Guess what, bin full of water and apples, I’m a fucking adult and don’t willingly submit to ritual public humiliation, so that is why you just got kicked over.

Besides: I’ve got a better game. #AutumnMovies. Let me show you how the pros play:

    Mulled Cider House Rules
    The Sweaterminator
    Daylight Savings Timecop

Have fun. Stay warm.

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  1. pumpkinception

  2. Foliage of Innocence

  3. The Sweater Weather-man

  4. Halloween Man

  5. Autumn in New York

  6. Full Metal Light Jacket

  7. Hard Candy Corn

  8. RollerFall starring LL Corn J

  9. The Hunt for Red Oktoberfest

  10. My Sister’s Trapper Keeper

  11. (Autumn) In Bruges.

  12. Daylight Saving Private Ryan

  13. Legends of the Fall.

  14. Voyage to the Bautumn of the Sea

  15. homecoming to america

    my left football

    hay riding in cars with boys

  16. We’re Back To School: A Kid With A Dinosaur Backpack’s Story

  17. SCARFace

  18. rake the leaving las vegas

  19. When Harry Met Sally at the Pumpkin Patch.

  20. There Will Be Raking

  21. New Jack-o-Lantern City.

  22. What About Bobbing for Apples.

    (Sorry Gabe).

  23. No Pumpkins for Old Men

  24. Harry Potter & the Seasonal Affective disOrder of the Phoenix

  25. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Indians

  26. Weekend At Bernie’s Cozy Vermont Bed and Breakfast

  27. Pumpkin Up the Volume.

  28. Kick Asscott

  29. Brisky Business

  30. Legend on the Fall Colors

  31. Wind Point Breaker

  32. Apple Cider House Rules

  33. House on Haunted Hayride Hill

  34. The Men Who Stare at Coats

  35. It’s Starting to Get Cold Enough to See Your Breathless

  36. ferris bueler’s columbus day off

  37. Get Him To The Rake

  38. A Man for All Seasons, but Especially Autumn

  39. Anne Fall

  40. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the pumpkin patch.

  41. The Lion in (Not Quite Yet) Winter

  42. JACK-o-lantern

  43. Dude, Where’s My Applecart?

  44. Legends of the Foliage

  45. ‘Fall Fall Fall Fall …and Fall’ by Kim Ki-duk

  46. Sweater Weather Man

  47. The Social Yardwork

  48. Edward Ciderhands

  49. The Bonfire Night of the Vanities

    Fantastic Mr Fawkes


  50. You Will Meet, in Fall, a Dark Stranger

  51. Raise the Red Jack O Lantern

  52. Cold Country for Old Men

  53. Trick Him To The Treat

  54. Oct-vatar

  55. Leafing Las Vegas

  56. You Got Served Roast Pork with A Marmalade Glaze and A Nice Apple Cobbler

  57. The Virgin (sui)Ciders

  58. Autumn for Hitler

  59. Mulled Spice World

  60. The midTerminator

  61. Haunted HouseSitter

  62. What About Bobbing For Apples?

  63. Empire Recorduroys

  64. The Apple (-Bobber)

  65. Leaf Peepers Creepers

  66. Nov.ocaine

  67. Freaky Black Friday

  68. Transformers Two: Revenge of the FALL-en (get it?)

  69. 500 Days of Summer… NOT! It’s Time for Fall (ahhh?)

  70. Pumpkinsey

  71. Green Card(igan)

  72. Pumpkin Patch Adams

  73. Casual Sept., In-Sept.-tion
    Oct.opussy, the Oct. Couple
    Nov. Country for Old Men
    In-Dec.-ent Proposal, If Dec. Walls Could Talk

  74. Harvest Coneheads

  75. The Monster Squash

  76. Mr. and Mrs. Granny Smith

  77. Rakin’ 2: Electric Leaf Blower

  78. What About Bobbing For Apples?

  79. Men Don’t Leaf

  80. The Right Stuffing

  81. The Gourdfather

  82. Cornucopianseption

  83. The Deciduous Plastids

  84. Let Me In, It’s Really Cold Out Here

  85. Autumn Rush

  86. Fall Street: Sunny and then Sleet

  87. Lawnmower Blade Runner

  88. The Gourd, the Bad, and the Ugly? I’ll stop.

  89. Some Like it Chilly

  90. The Red, Orange, Yellow, and Brown Mile

  91. Opportunity Equiknocks

  92. Fahrenheit 45

  93. Pumpkin Spice Latte World.

  94. Flash Gourdon

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