Adam Sandler is starring in a new children’s movie titled Bedtime Stories in which the stories that he tells his niece and nephew come true.

I know that the stories didn’t exactly come true in the Princess Bride, that’s more of a Neverending Story thing, but whoever made this definitely saw that movie and is trying to capitalize on its particular brand of wonder and imagination but in basically the worst way. I fear for the generation that grows up referencing this movie and having unironic nostalgic viewing parties of this movie with their adult friends. Not that I do that. I don’t do that. But that movie is so beloved, someone probably does that. Lindsay probably does. Lindsay gets together every week with her girlfriends for cosmos and Princess Bride. Good for her. It’s so cute that Lindsay does that.

Also, I don’t know about you, but my imagination doesn’t use CGI. It’s strictly mechanical effects and green screen, with no CGI whatsoever. Old school.

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  1. nothing will EVER destroy Princess Bride.

    Hold your tongue or have it cut out.

  2. It’s like Click and Little Nicky mated and produced a less creative spawn.

  3. GOD why does adam sandler make me hate him more and more with each movie he makes? this looks about as funny as Click, and that was not funny. so instead of playing an idiot with the same dumb voice like he used to do, he now only plays people who try to take some “magical” situation and use it for their benefit, but it ends up ruining their life?
    and don’t worry because this isnt even close to replacing the princess bride

  4. Selena  |   Posted on Sep 22nd, 2008 0

    CGI is the worst…. I haven’t been impressed with it since… Jurrassic Park- hey- I was 12 so it was a big deal then.

    Oh, and the stories don’t really “come to life”, in The Never Ending Story either- Jus’sayin.

    PUPPETS- There needs to be more puppets and animatronics!!

  5. No. Not that I can tell from that. Is Wallace Shawn in it? I know Andre the Giant isn’t.

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