While visiting Jay-Z’s mom (you know how it is, when you have to go visit Jay-Z’s mom) in West Orange, New Jersey , Beyonce crashed a block party. You guys, we are going to the wrong block parties!!!!

I don’t know if you do this, but sometimes I imagine what it would be like to be really famous and how you could do so many funny things to surprise boring smelly regular people Bill Murray style*. But then I always think, well, if you were really famous you wouldn’t want to do funny things to surprise boring smelly regular people because you’d have even better things to do (jacuzzi filled with champagne and personal pan cocaine and onion pizzas). But I still think about it. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Beyonce is the new Bill Murray. (Read: the new the best.) (Via ONTD.)

*Basically my goal in life is to have my own Snopes page.
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  1. Jennifer from Family Ties at 0:21

  2. Those are a lot of single ladies.

  3. I’d like to crash her block party what am I even saying anymore?

  4. Is this the Beyonce with a face? Or the Beyonce with just a hair head?

  5. The best part of this video is clearly :20 when the white girl painfully realizes how hard it is to be white around black people dancing.

  6. psh, shooot. my block party was better than that…

  7. I’m so glad that little blonde lady did NOT bother her. When she rushed in I was like “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR- OH, You ran away. Good.”

    • Oh, watching it again, I realized she says “No, I don’t know it!” as she runs away, indicating to me that she was going to join in, and in doing so blocking the cameraperson’s view of the subject- Beyonce.

      Either way, I’m glad she didn’t get in there.

  8. I have no idea what they’re actually dancing to (no speakes), but The Whitest Boy Alive – “High on the Heels” just came on my iPod and it surprisingly works extremely well with Beyonce’s impromptu (?) dance party. Thoroughly impressed/amused.

  9. I mean, the Wobble dance is irresistable. People just up and started doing it in the concert hall at the House of Blues last Friday. I was compelled to join. And then didn’t remember why afterward.

  10. Beyonce OR party, Bing. Really?

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    • One botched reference and you’re in the Videogum Racist Database.

      • Just try uploading a picture of Roger Sterling in blackface. Ouch.

      • If it makes you feel any better, it’s a pretty big database.

        But seriously, for me, it’s just off-putting when people need to acknowledge that someone is of a different color when it’s totally irrelevant to the dialogue. It’s not actively racist, and I don’t think you had an ounce of ill intent with your comment, but until someone brought it up I hadn’t consciously thought “Hey, everyone in this video is black.” When you realize that someone had that thought, it’s a painful reminder that skin color is the first thing someone notices about a person.

        I mean, no one sees a bunch of white people at a theater and says, “What did a Wes Anderson movie just come out?”

        Admittedly, it would be pretty funny if they did.

  13. I prefer to read this as two separate delicious treats: “personal pan cocaine and onion pizzas”.

  14. On the other hand Tyra Banks crashes a block party like a car in to a mountain in Los Angeles

  15. that would make my life to see you in that video Gabe straight up “GETTIN it” in the middle of the dance.
    Go Gabe, Go Gabe!
    If I was there I would have to explain to my family, Mom that’s the guy that writes for that website I’m always reading but no doubt they would love you and make sure you had a plate of food for you to take home :)

  16. first of all, what’s the image on beyonce’s shirt? i feel like it’s frylock from aqua teen hunger force.
    and secondly, it’s great until the middle when everyone seems to suddenly get bored with dancing. how long has this block party been going on?
    STILL. beyonce everywhere is pretty awesome. she should come to some of my 5:00 pm work dance parties. (they end at 5:05 so it’s not a huge time commitment!)


  18. “beyounce”

  19. No one will ever believe you.

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