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  1. Who knew that if a person constantly yells at you, you become depressed???

  2. Don’t his shows have either “Nightmare” or “Hell” in their titles? Kind of a giveaway that they might be unpleasant experiences.

  3. “Cerniglia leaves behind his wife and three sons, ages 13, 11 and 9.”

    Shut it down. Just shut it all down. We’re done here.

  4. Apparently, this was all a misunderstanding. The suicide victim apparently thought Ramsay had said, “If you can’t run a successful restaurant, you might as well jump off the George Washington Bridge.” What Ramsay actually said was “If you can’t run a successful restaurant, you might as well jump off the Triborough Bridge.” Oh well, two countries divided by a common language.

    • I know you’re joking, but in the episode this guy was on, Ramsay literally told him, “Your business is about to fucking swim down the Hudson.” Guess which river the authorities pulled the guy out of?

  5. :( . I actually usually like Kitchen Nightmares because Gordon Ramsay turns out to be less of a dick than he is on some of his other shows, but this just basically confirms for me that going on a reality tv show is generally one of the worst decisions a person can make. Give me an example of someone whose life has gotten better after going on reality tv and I’ll shut up, but almost universally it’s just not a good scene.

  6. Though it’s impossible to say for sure, I’m pretty sure the overwhelming debt had more to do with this than Ramsey did.

    Let’s call off all the debts! We’ll save millions of lives!

  7. After reading the article, and considering the way he treats kitchen nightmares contestants compared to hell’s kitchen contestants(who, let’s be honest, should mostly kill themselves anyway), it really doesn’t seem fair to assume this is Ramsay’s fault in any way. But let’s do it anyway! While we’re at it, there’s been another school shooting. Has anyone found out what kind of music caused that yet?

  8. oh, AP! oh, humanity!

    - He said he thought that overall, the show portrayed his friend in a favorable light.
    - [...] said he thought his friend benefited from being on Ramsay’s show.
    - Edwards said his friend benefited from being on Ramsay’s show and said he thought it portrayed him in a favorable light overa

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