On the live season finale of Australia’s Next Top Model, the wrong contestant was named the winner. She even gave a thank you speech! And there was still time for the real winner, who thought she was the loser, to give a conciliatory concession speech. After all of that, the hostess put her finger into her ear, and proceeded to have a melt-down after realizing that she had named the wrong winner. She seems really concerned that the two contestants on a reality show about LOOKING NICE are going to physically assault her even though she herself is like 9’3″ tall. Relax! That being said, one can imagine the horror of making such a gaffe. Sort of. Except that why did this even happen in the first place? Don’t people in Australia know that reality TV isn’t real? She should have just made the mistake and kept her mouth shut and NO ONE WOULD KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. Because also WHO CARES? “The government should definitely look into the results from this nonsense show about culturally justified eating disorders and vanity.” No. Scotland Yard called (they’re in Australia right?) and reported that everyone is dead from shrugging too hard.

You can watch the whole clip for yourself after the jump:

Wait a second. UNLESS we are getting double-reverse upside-downy Sawyer short-conned! Perhaps THIS is the real fake out, and the scandal of announcing the wrong winner was what they had planned all along! OH MAN. You guys.

The truth is out there, sheeple. Agent Mully knows.

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  1. You can tell that this is fake because there are no kangaroos running around in the background. Nice try.

  2. A dingo ate all my food for me so I can stay dangerously thin.

  3. This is the worst thing to come out of Australia since Uggs and Mel Gibson.

  4. Speaking of Australia, and me, very bad news for my biological brethren:


  5. Well, the host is Rupert Murdoch’s daughter in law, and we all now how rigid that family is about truth and fairness in media.

  6. This just shows how dumb and stupid the rest of the countries are in the world.

  7. they wanted to do this in America’s Next Top Model, but Tyra’s “sm-eyes” would just give it away.

  8. She decided to be the brainless talking head of an Australian export of a bullshit reality American TV Show that nobody even watched the original version of in the States, and she’s embarrassed by THIS?

  9. Kristy Hinze may be at least 50 percent robot, but she’s never made this kind of mistake on Project Runway Australia.

  10. Dude you don’t even have a modeling contract

  11. First of all if this is real, (and it is so so fake) could the announcer lady try to suck more of the wind of the sails of the “real” winner? So much so that they start apologizing to her?

  12. I wish the girl who got the title taken away was like, “its OK….ITS OK!…. I’m fine! No one is going to remember either of us in two weeks anyway!”

  13. More Tyra gifs! All the TYRA GIFS!

  14. Bring this woman to the kangaroo court! Ugh. Sorry.

  15. The only responsible thing to do is to take both finalists and Brundlefly them.

  16. Gabe, don’t… mess up.. those names like… that.
    I was confused for a whole 10-15 seconds as I sorted everything out.
    “Sculder and Mully.” YEESH.


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