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  1. “I FUCKING LOVE CHILI.” –Copper Cab (1996-2012)

  2. That baby is rolling (sauce all over her) face!

  3. I like her…hair? …wig? What exactly is going on there?

  4. weird. the ministry does not approve.

  5. My favorite is that even as she is rocking out, she takes the time and makes the effort to wipe up any mess.

  6. Am I the only one that didn’t find this adorable?

  7. NSFNotsewfast

  8. This is how people eat chili. I don’t understand.

  9. What I love best about this baby, besides her hairstyle, is her frequent use of the napkin. That is one conscientious, hard-rockin’ baby.

  10. I will never feed my children chili while they are still in diapers.

  11. These babies know what she’s talking about:

  12. I wish this were a cat eating chili to dubstep.

  13. I want to like this video but that kid really needs to put a shirt on and she definitely looks old enough to be eating at the table instead of in a high chair. Especially since she’s already such a pro with the utensils and napkins.

  14. Awww, it’s so cute (that you think what your baby does is entertaining to strangers). #crankyspinster

  15. Don’t be so sure she is having fun. I went to a party at the Pittsburgh Zoo. They put the DJ too close to the Gorillas and they started fighting each other, banging on the glass, and showing their teeth. When they showed their teeth it looked like they were smiling, so everyone was like, “Look! the Gorillas enjoy the music! They are dancing and smiling!” It was actually quite traumatic…

  16. She was conceived at Burning Man, Right?

  17. Another future Juggalette. I think she’s in the same pre-k class with this little dollface:

  18. This is a great way for me to bring up that dubstep sucks. It’s like a ton of slow farts stretched out for 4-6 minutes. Youtube search the artist Rusko and see how every one of his songs sounds the same.

    • Bleh, Rusko is generic. Yeah definitely go listen to Rusko if you wanna also agree that dubstep is terrible.

      OR: find 5 Years of Hyperdub compilation and make up your own mind from a wide array of dubstep selections.

      OR: listen to Joker – “Digidesign” and see what all the fuss is about.

      (This has been your unofficial dubstep minute. Brought to you by my illegitmate child in the above video)

  19. I hate when babies are cooler than me.

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