Congratulations to David Simon on winning a $500,000 MacArthur “Genius” Grant. Finally, the unpaid and unrewarding task of creating popular television pays off. (Just kidding, buddy! Just tearing down your towers!)

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  1. I tried to find something bad that he had done to make a silly joke, but it turns out that doesn’t exist.

  2. It’s not official until he starts writing on clear marker boards.

  3. McNulty is disappointed that he didn’t win.

  4. I keep Applying, but they keep rejecting me with notes like, “We Do Not Accept Applications” and “This isn’t even written on paper, this is a butter and white bread sandwich you wrote on with a sharpie”

  5. Oh, Indeed.

  6. It’s too bad one of the stipulations of the award doesn’t involve collaborating with past winners. I would love to read “Stringer’s War Land in Bad Decline.”

  7. Shit, he richer than a motherfucker.

  8. i only have one question for you, simon: “WHERE’S WALLACE?”

  9. They never mention it in the articles but David Simons and Ed Burns also made this great TV mini-series called ”Generation Kill” which I dunno if you guys have seen , but if you haven’t, you really should.

  10. I wish he would use his grant to invent a machine that erases The Wire from my brain so I could watch it again.

    I think this idea deserves a genius grant.

    • You could just buy the DVDs…

    • Oh man. You do not have to go back in time (and KILL HITLER) and then erase The Wire from your brain. Seeing The Wire for the second time is awesome. I just started season 1 with my wife, who is seeing it for the first time. Now that I understand the relationships and backstories of the characters, I am getting a whole new thrill from the story. I ratewatching The Wire more than once a MUST BUY.

      • I just re-watched all 5 seasons a few weeks ago in a week or two-week marathon and it is great, you see a lot of ironic parallels between characters like Stringer and Colvin in Season 3. It’s great to re-watch.

  11. Do you think David Simon’s award acceptance speech will consist of, “What the fuck did I do?” Laugh track, applause. Then Ricky Gervais’s head in funny wig and glasses emerges from behind the podium in front of David Simon. “Are you havin’ a laff?” Crickets.

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