You know how some people have clearly put a lot of thought into how to make a YouTube video that will go “viral”? And when you watch the video you’re almost exhausted by how much EFFORT went into making it look like NO EFFORT went into it, and you kind of just want to sit down? But at the same time, the painstaking “thought” and “work” kind of does pay off because the video is successfully weird enough that you almost feel like you should share that video with your friends because it would almost be rude NOT to? And the next thing you know you see it a couple places while you’re catching up on your RSS and then nine months later your mom sends you the link with a “Lots of Love,” and a viral video is born and dies right before your eyes? So this, whatever this is, is basically one of those:

Congrats to this guy, I’m sure. Living the dream. (Thanks for the tip, Funtastik.)

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  1. This guys blows.

  2. Is this a sponsored tribute to Creepy Dude Playing Air Guitar With Some Kind of Machine In Front Of A Wood Pile? Because this is the worst tribute ever.

  3. wait, where did that “sponsored post” go? was Gabe to saucy for The Man?

  4. Did we just get Incepted?

  5. That’s your lumberjack.

  6. Somewhere, someone is thinking of how to autotune this.

  7. Am I crazy, or was there just a “Sponsored Tribute to Zach Galifianakis” up for like five seconds?

  8. And just like gravy, this Air Guitar dude robbed Zach of his tribute. The tribute is his!

  9. Now I see why tight spandex pants were necessary for heavy metal bands.

  10. He appears to be wearing a fanny pack under his sweatpants, facing front. I guess when you’re a YouTube star! you’re more vulnerable to pickpocketing than us jerks who don’t post our antics on the internet.

  11. I miss Vermont.

    • Come home! It’s beautiful, leaves they be a changin’, the clash of the college bros and local hipsters is in full swing, and I’ve discovered that Wine & Cheese Traders has a “recession wine” section with a number of $3 bottles! Autumn! The best time!

      • Soooooon. I am at my parent’s house, going crazy, becoming an angry, depressed person within days, in shock at what this town does to me, waiting for my computer to be fixed, supposedly meeting up with my ex, but being reminded that she is a disrespectful, apathetic person when it comes to people’s emotions, wondering how my best friend can be so much the same way…so basically, the second my computer is back in my hands, mid-week hopefully, I am tucking it under my arms, slinging a bag of clothes and books over my shoulder, and going to Vermont.

        • Yikes. Here, have this:

          • Thanks. Things aren’t as bad as I made them sound though, getting back to Vermont will straighten a lot out. This isn’t the grass is greener on the other side thing though. This is like, I was in really, really, lushly awesome grass, and thought that playing wildly and randomly in the river would be a lot of fun, and it was, it was so much fun that river, but the mistake was thinking that it would be okay to landfall on that spot of grass on the other side that is horrid and wretched and burnt, yellow grass that cuts your feet and you can smell the decay of some animal somewhere but can’t find it, but on the plus side, there’s a bridge back to the lush side right a bit away.

          • The river in this example is a couple weeks in Japan.

          • Oh dear, yes, you need to come home. Burlington will fix you. The other day I saw a girl running – like running = training, not running from the authorities – in shiny blue spandex shorts and bare feet. This is where you need to be.

  12. This man playing air guitar in front of wood makes me want to go see “It’s Kind of A Funny Story”! I have no idea why!

  13. I love it when my boyfriend wears those pants that sag in the crotch but are a little tight in the butt. Him wearing them in this viral video is like a little wink right at me. Sigh.

  14. i always wondered what it would take for me to think “turn this off and go back to work.” now i know its a bearded lunatic with an air gun….although, not because this video is terrible, but because this is what my boss looks like:

  15. I blame the internet, and the return of air hose air guitar.

  16. I think he’s stomping the yard.

  17. oh i get it! AIR GUITAR.

    and my head just fell off.

  18. Leatherface auditions for America’s Got Talent.

  19. Does it bother anyone else that the shack is leaning?

  20. It isn’t a real shack if it isn’t leaning. If it doesn’t lean, it is technically a “shed” or perhaps a “house full of hobos.”

  21. GUYS.

    I only got this after I sent it in.
    Dude is playing AIR GUITAR at WOODSTOCK.

    Uggggggggggh, we’re all welcome.

  22. “Still, a better live act than Loverboy.” Crow T. Robot

    …and a version of the same joke for the hip, young people who read Videogum:

    Still… a WAY better live act than Four Tet.

  23. Wait. MST3K Isn’t for hip, young people who read Videogum? Does this mean I don’t actually read Videogum? Please don’t tell me I’m not hip and young…

  24. I think this might be the best Bing ad yet: “Air Guitar OR YouTube” = “Shark Attack,
    Very sexy athletic girl lunga from the musical Africa Africa, Jeff Dunham and Achmed part 2, Funny Baby Makes A Speech”

    Classic Bing.

  25. This is my least favorite thing I’ve ever seen.

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