It is as if Stuff White People Like exploded right up in your unsuspecting FACE.

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  1. Fuck every last bit of that

  2. So….Apparently iPads are water proof?

  3. I almost feel like that whole commercial was trying to play a joke on me. Like…they wanted me to think it was cool but secretly didn’t think it was cool themselves.

  4. Excuse me, I’m going to the store to buy: one iPad, one New Yorker app, one mustache.

  5. Smugh.

  6. When did Jason Schwartzman become a hipster? Is this recent?

  7. Since always? (Since always, right?)

  8. What a beautiful singing voice.

  9. so is everyone here too hip (or anti-hip, whatever) to appreciate how fucking great this ad is?

    • I’m not hip enough, you swell hepcat. Now pardon me while I powder my knees and take the Pullman rail to the latest talkie!

    • I guess I didn’t really care for it. I should like it, as I generally love whimsically twee things, but it missed the mark for me. I mean, it did a good job explaining the product and everything (face scrolling is the new finger scrolling!!) but it seemed so in awe of its own brilliance that there was no enjoyment left for me.

      Granted, I am not going to be purchasing an iPad until they are $29.99 at target, and therefore have no need for iPad apps in the near future, so I am most likely not the targeted audience.

    • Yes, and I thought it was a sweet takedown (send up? blow up?) of that genre of “Oh, I didn’t expect to see you here, but hello!” ads that hit its low point (high point?) when Jonathan Safran Foer wrote a book about how we should all eat like he does.

  10. I thought it was great because just about anything featuring The Schwartz is…DUH! I loved it so much I took a screenshot of Jason playing the piano (longingly staring at me with his bad-ass ‘stache and hip sideways cap), I printed it out, and now he looks down on me from my bulletin board. All around awesome day for me.

  11. I loved everything about this, and yes, I have a vagina.

  12. It costs $5 a week for a subscription. I am fond of the New Yorker but that is a lot of dollars.

  13. My vagina agrees with you. He could drink a fifth of somethin’ in my bed anytime.

  14. I liked the part were he was only wearing a jean jacket and mustache.

  15. Nothing says hip like a magazine that identifies itself with a dandy inspecting a butterfly through a monocle.

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