Huh? Oh, excuse me, I think I fell asleep after hearing the “Calm” ringtone. SO RELAXING! Now get out there and CLOSE THAT DEAL! (Thanks for the tip, Jane.)

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  1. Call now to get the “Trendy” ringtone. Creepy smile not included.

  2. Soon they will sell the “Vibrate” ringtone. And then, the world will have collapsed on itself.

    Cool knowing u guyz!

  3. I just changed my ringtone to Don throwing up, so I’m all set.

  4. I want the rocking guitar music as my ringtone, but they don’t sell that. :(

  5. Need more Jenny Slate…

  6. They don’t have a Farts one?
    Wait, does any business company offer a Farts ringtone?

  7. That opening guitar riff?

    That’s your Cool Dad ringtone.

  8. I won’t be happy until someone gets me a ringtone that sounds like the communicators from Star Trek. TOS or TNG will do just fine.

    (Back to watching Squire of Gothos, seriously.)

  9. my business-like, modern and trendy ringtone is donald trump yelling.

  10. “OK, everybody stare at the camera and make sure to blink your eyes like a million times!” – director of that commercial

  11. Thank goodness for this company! The only ringtone my phone came with is the song “Take This Job and Shove It,” and the volume came pre-locked on Extremely High, and my phone self-dials on an unchangeable schedule, so, that song plays literally every 13 minutes when I’m at work, and there’s no “Answer Call” feature, so it always plays the whole song.

    I can’t leave it in my desk drawer, either.

  12. Speaking of ringtones, how about Shia’s from 2 Wall 2 Street? Gabe, when are we going to discuss the-movie-that-I-can’t-believe-I-sat-in-a-theatre-to-watch-with-my-precious-eyes???

  13. “Paying money for generic ringtones is a sound financial decision.”

    - Your CFO

    • No shit. I can’t think of a single one of those ringtones that didn’t come pre-programmed onto every cell phone manufactured after 1996.

  14. “A- always
    B- be
    C- come on with The Hunt already!”
    -like everyone

  15. They forgot to include the Call Center Operator ringtone courtesy of Outsourced……

  16. Am I the only one who thought the “AND MORE” was kind of ominous? Like, “This ringtone means the call is coming from inside the house!”

  17. Guys, he says these ringtones are high-tech, futuristic marvels! If only someone can just invent a crappy keyboard with 50 preset sound effects that’s sold at every Best Buy everywhere, we could hit four arbitrary keys and make our own masterpieces! The future is bright indeed

  18. All the ringtones sound like they came from the old Yamaha keyboard I had when I was 8. It had 100 settings — my faves were “comet” and “machine gun.” #80snostalgia

  19. Remember when phones had actual fucking bells in them? A complete fucking hammer and bell all inside the goddamn phone?
    I’m not mad or anything, I just like swearing at newer stuff.

  20. This video gave major flashbacks to “Gabe and Max’s Internet Thing”…”bing bong, you got your emails!”

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