It’s Friday afternoon. Anything important that you have to do isn’t getting done anyway. How about a three part interview with Zach Galifianakis from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live? Y/Y? Part One:

This is going great so far! Parts Two and Three after the jump:

If only every afternoon were Friday afternoon. Y/Y? (Via HuffingtonPost.)

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  1. Snorky and Zach are bffs

    • BFFs, more like GTFs amirite? (I still don’t know what that means)

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        • DING-DONG!

          I actually meant GTF, which is an often used phrase from Jersey Shore. But then again, I am probably the only one still watching, it has gotten so ridiculously meta. The cast know everyone knows who they are, so they are being recognizes as the sidenotes in popculture that they are plus all the cramazing concocted storylines that make no sense whatsoever. Whereas season one was more like The Real World: Rasicm, this season is The Surreal Life feat. Ed Hardy. Seriously guys, that show has gone to some Die Antwoord-like next level.

          • Isn’t it “GTL” and “DTF?” Two separate things?

            Why do I know that? Why do I feel compelled to CORRECT you? Gross. Go get a martini and relax, me.

          • Oh, I guess you are right, although Internet wants me to believe it could mean Gym Tan Find the Note, which was my favorite sitcom plotline from this season. “Let’s write an anonymous note for Sam to find! Its so perfect, what could go wrong?”

            Anyway, messed up the initial joke, should’ve gone with IFF instead…….

  2. You put up the clips from this yahoo but don’t include clips of Snorkie? I didn’t know this place was so sexist.

    • ‘Snorkie’ is the nickname my parents have for their dog Snowy because he makes ridiculous snorting sounds A LOT, especially for an Australian golden retriever (and he was named after the dog Snowy from the Tintin comic books, because my dad is almost as big a comics nerd as I am. It’s in my blood…)

  3. Has Jimmy Kimmel always been a squinter?

  4. Why haven’t I been calling movies “talkies”? I need to to do that. First order of business change “Worst Movies of All Time” to “Worst Talkies of All of Time.”

  5. Why is she made of bronze?

  6. How do you know I’m not getting any work done? Who told you? If you have a camera in my cubicle, it’s illegal not to tell me.

  7. T.W.O.S.

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