And he does so IN CHARACTER. American Hero. (And the best part is that the immigration debate is resolved now. Yay!)

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    • “No… leave the watches on…”

    • I love that Stephen seems to have a landing strip that continues up his chest, segueing into his collarbone. I wonder if he did that as a favor for a lady friend suffering from poor eyesight, who’d have benefited from the visual aid. Then again, I am sure this is what happened.

  1. There is no comment that can make this any more awesome than it is. Did I tell you the story about how I knew a guy who got a suit settlement and bought a monkey and a bus with a train horn?

  2. Yes, but which character was he in?!

    • I hope it was Chuck Noblet.

      • I’d like to say that Stephen’s failure to resurrect his Oliver Stone impression this week counts as a missed opportunity, because thing which is topical. However, in my heart I know that it is always a missed opportunity when he is not pretending to be him. He kind of should be Oliver Stone all the time.

    • I was hoping it was his best Peter-Sellers-as-Dr.-Strangelove impression he did a few weeks ago, because I already knew it wasn’t going to be his extremely racist (and also hilarious) impression of his Chinese character Ching Chong Ding Dong.

  3. It’s great to see Congress take its job seriously. And now we have Mr. Colbert’s colonoscopy video as part of Congressional record. win-win

  4. Good job reacting to jokes, Congress! I don’t know what expression was better: bemused snob or humorless robot.

    • I also liked how “I trust that following my testimony, both sides will work together on this issue in the best interest of the American people, as you always do,” was the only thing that got a laugh.

  5. Amazing… Colbert’s postmodern satire is about as good as it gets. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about Jon Stewart anymore, who is good, but not great, in comparison.

  6. Is Stephen Colbert even a character anymore? When is the last time anyone has intereacted with this guy when he’s out of character? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him out of character.

  7. Look, guys, and I am prepared for the downvotes, so I’m just going to qualify that I’m actually a good person: I love Stephen Colbert (the character and guy) and the Colbert Report. He is very, very funny, and it warms my moderately-liberal heart to see him make fun of our political system. Etc.

    But, he’s testifying as his character in front of OUR ACTUAL Congress. And yes, I agree that Congress is not doing the best (or even a good) job! Still, worth a little more respect than that, yes? It seems a little “You Lie!”ish as far as violating any sort of decorum that the government holds. Now, why anyone would even bother to call him to testify on immigration is clearly proof that our elected officials have lost their minds, and begs for this kind of sarcastic (and hilarious) speech. I guess all I’m saying is that I wish he hadn’t gone the acerbic route and instead called them on their BS. It might have been just as funny to see him rip apart the Congress on factual terms, as opposed to turning it into a big play.

    Sorry for the rant, here’s a puppy:

    • On the flip-side, he only spoke for 5 minutes and in between the jokes actually did promote his core suggestion. If you’ve ever seen some of the monumental time-wasters debated in Congress, I’d say that 5 minutes was more productive than most.

  8. That’s a tough room for a tight five.

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