Hey buuuuuuuuuudy! Netflix has reached an agreement with NBC by which every episode of Saturday Night Live will be available for Netflix instant streaming. Very niiiiiice! Right? Did I do that right?

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  1. Whoa, that is kind of overwhelming. Gabe, are you going to write recaps of all of them so I don’t have to watch them?

  2. “SNL hasn’t been funny since 1872″ etc.

  3. it’s been way too long since i’ve had some goatboy in my life.

  4. Hey, What’s Up With Joe Piscopo?

  5. NOW IT can be LIKE JENNY Slate NEVER left!

  6. We’re going to need a bigger Roku.

  7. Read the fine print, guys. It’s only for people who bought the board game.

  8. Oh, great. Now I’m just going to watch the Jon Hamm “Hamm and Buble” sketch, followed by Baby Hands, over and over in a loop for the rest of my life. Fantastic.

    • Hamm and Buble is just the best ever. I could watch that over and over again.

    • I thought he was joking, so I started to laugh…. his eyes went black and slapped my face.

    • That sketch actually made me a fan of the song. It was my ringtone for a while.

      I suspect this Netflix deal will not include the early ’80s non-Lorne years? Maybe a few exceptions to allow some Eddie Murphy sketches, but for the most part ’80-’85 has been scrubbed from TV (E! reruns, SNL best-ofs, etc) and NBC.com. Which is a shame because they’re fun to hate-watch.



      (Did anyone else read Live From New York? Jean Doumanian really wanted Robert Townshend instead of Eddie Murphy!)

  9. Is this basically going to be an Open SNL Thread now? I mean, I’m cool with that. But some crusty curmedgeons might have a problem with it.

  10. Oh man now I can see Tracy Morgan as Tito Jackson again.

  11. I’m looking forward to re-watching shows from 1991 to see if they were as funny as I thought they were when I was 15 years old.

  12. Well isn’t that special?

  13. Remember the one with the monorail? That was gr- Oh, wait. Nevermind.

  14. I like how Netflix and NBC have agreed to stream current season episodes next-day ONLY until 2012, because, you know….

  15. Whelp, I had a good run, with this whole “life” thing. Adios world! 35+ years of sketch comedy AWAITS!

  16. Yay Netflix!! Yay streaming through my computer!! Yay streaming through my phone!!

    Netflix, replacing Cable one step at a time.

    I feel sorry for people still paying 100$ minimum for cable when u can pay 10 bucks for netflix and have more to watch than you could ever see.

  17. sweet jesus! that is incredible. now i can actually watch Amazing Time Savers instead of reading this script: http://snltranscripts.jt.org/93/93tsavers.phtml

    “Listen.. there is no way of ever knowing if the Holocaust actually happened. But we do know this is an amazing pasta-maker.”

  18. Oh great. The universe is trying to give me ANOTHER reason to stay inside and not put on pants.

  19. Ashley Simpson dislikes this

  20. Now we can all go to there.

  21. Alright! Netflix, Makin’ Coppies. The Netster. Neterino. God help them if Netflix ever advertises this…

  22. As is Battlestar Galactica! You should watch it! It’s like LOST, but in space! And better written!

  23. Holy lord, I’m still slowly making my way through the first two seasons. What am I supposed to do with ALL OF THEM?

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