A lot of attention is paid in this world to the summer jam, and for good reason. The summer jam is the one that you play at the barbecue. It’s the one blaring from the transistor radio on the beach blanket. It’s the one that you can hear coming from cars because those cars have their windows rolled down (see: summer). The summer jam is the soundtrack to “FUN.” But guess what? There are three other seasons in a year. And those seasons need jams, too. I don’t know about you, but personally, in the dead of winter, I’m not sitting around in silence. I’M LISTENING TO WINTER JAMS. (Admittedly, most spring jams are simply summer jams that are a little overripe.) There is a jam for every season, and you better believe that there are jams for this season (see: autumn). And so.

This week officially marks the beginning of autumn, and this song, “You Might Be the One” from Lil P-Nut, marks the beginning of AUTUMN JAMS!

I, too, love a girl who obeys her parents. Can’t wait to bump this jam at the HARVEST! (Thanks for the tip, Chuck.)

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  1. Moms write the best hip-hop lyrics.

  2. She always makes good grades. Her report card is straight check +s without a single check or check -.

  3. I prefer winter jams because you can listen to them over a piping cup of hot chocolate!

  4. My vote for best Autumn Jam is cranberry-pear:

    It tastes delicious spread over obvious jokes.

  5. His dad is just beaming with pride:

  6. unfortunately Lil P-Nut’s career will end when he gets into a rap battle with Cash-U and loses.

  7. I hope I’m wrong but I just don’t see P-Nut and his lady (Jelly?) lasting. Third grade’s a tough milestone to pass.

  8. I like your smile, and the way you hop scotch. you can be my top notch when we be at the sock hop.

  9. SO LIL P-Nut is LIKE A LESS certain version OF THESE guys?

    • fuck no, do not disrespect the roses on here

      • Well, considering the other Alternative music connection is to post a picture of 311 and say “is this his daddy HAW HAW HAW!” I say, let’s have with the peak-era Stone Roses pictures.

        Shit, I didn’t even get the joke until I looked at the LPN song title and like a wave I heard Ian Brown singing the chorus over and over, and I sat there at my desk adrift in the memory of a song and suddenly overcome with the desire to hear the real thing, but damn you 4 gig iPod why didn’t I think to include Stone Roses on here and now how will I hear I Am the Resurrection!

        I”m sorry, what were we talking about? Oh, AmPat I salute you for giving an unsuspecting mouse a little Stone Roses fit on a Friday.

  10. Quick! Lets submit our children to this awful rap culture full of empty entitlement as early as possible!

  11. What a shame, this was one day short of being the equinox jam.

  12. i’m looking forward to the inevitable guest spot on Will Smith She-Jr.’s album.

  13. I was so fine with summer being over, until I saw this blog post title. It’s like…wow, summer is over? But it never really happened? And time is moving really fast and the universe is going dark already?!

  14. This video is SFW!

  15. This kid so doesn’t need that Def Jam Rap Star videogame.


  17. Thats cool that Mannie Fresh’ kid is taking over the family business.

  18. Lil P-Nut was walking through the park and got a-salted.

  19. I don’t buy the sentiment of this song – no self-respecting little dude would be singing this to a girl, unless “for me” was replaced with “with cooties.” How old is this kid? Is he just really tiny, or are the girls in this video gigantic? SO MANY QUESTIONS

  20. Did he just call himself lil’ penis?

  21. I’m gonna get “January you my snow, February you my balentine, March your my heart, April you my sunshine, May you’ll be my flower, June you’ll be my summa, July you’ll be my birthday cake, August you my classmate, September you my *unintelligible*, October you my pumpkin, November you my Indian, December you my woman!” tattooed on my neck.

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