If you’re at all confused by this dance-off between a generic rip-off Bumblebee Transformer, a young Tamil boy, and a Skeksi, like, if you’re trying to figure out what it means, let me help you: it means it’s Friday. WE DID IT! (Thanks for the tips, Dane and werttrew.)

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  1. This is what I get for having two parts Amaretto to one part Jack Daniels for breakfast

  2. They should have talked to the 5inal Destination guys and named it Trans4mers.

    • I’m sorry, Baby Friday, that makes TOO much sense. Usually the use of numbers in place of letters makes little sense, and only replaces a single letter that usually resembles the letter it’s taking the place of, as opposed to what you’ve done with making the ’4′ take the place of the ‘for’ in ‘Transformers’.

      If anything, it should take the place of the ‘a’. It makes little sense, but A’s look like 4′s. ‘Tr4nsformers.’ See? That way when people read it out as it’s literally printed, it looks like ‘Trr-Fournsformers’. Just like ‘ThirThirteenen Ghosts’, ‘SeSevenen’, etc. etc. etc.

  3. see, “outsourced” was THAT bad, guys.

  4. No sarcasm-o, this video is kinda brilliant.

  5. Translation: Megan Fox, please take my flower.


  7. I’m glad they cleaned up the racism of the earlier movies.

  8. It’s an ad for an American-themed amusement park?

    When the transformer hit the dinosaur, I had the best time.

  9. Hey you guys, I thought it was super thoughtful of Bumblebee to shrink down so that he would not crush the city with his funky dancing. Not many giant robots would do that for a city.

  10. I have a feeling that this video is less than meets the eye.

  11. Seriously, Bing? No love for the Dance-Off? I was warming up to you, but now we are done professionally.

    (timely reference! Good job me. Pats on the back all around.)

  12. Geez, I just don’t “get” M.I.A.’s new stuff.

  13. …and that’s why the dinosaurs died out. A generic Bumblebee hit them on the head.

  14. So this is the Tamil version of Justin Beiber right?

  15. I actually lived in a village in Tamil Nadu for 6 months (Kanneri-Manthanai in the Nilgiri Hills near ooty, look it up) and this sort of thing happens EVERY DAY there.

  16. Ooty.

    Boo me.

    Fridays, right Robert?

  17. Would it be too forward of me to say that I find those robot bee man’s dance moves to be kind of sexy? Am I attracted to a robot now?

  18. Did generic Bumblebee transform from a Duesenberg?

  19. Did I miss the Skeksi? I didn’t see it. I clicked the video expecting my Dark Crystal-Transformers-Tamil-dance-off fantasy to be fulfilled and I was disappointed, muchly so.

  20. Was this filmed at an Indian knockoff of Epcot Center? Because I would like to go there, if so.

  21. I lived in Madurai for a couple months; so many of their films and music videos have such potential for American viral fame. It’s a lot of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E21blq2T0Do

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