As the Daily Mail UK reports, Matthew McConaughey hung out the other day on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California, wearing this…”mask” and a bandana, supposedly to cover his celebrity mouth. Looking good, Matthew McConaughey. Cool shirt, too! Of course, Matthew McConaughey only WISHES he could be Mr. Cool Disguise. This disguise is Apprentice Mr. Cool Disguise at best. For one thing, there is literally only one person in the world who actually OWNS a J.K. Livin’ t-shirt, so right away he’s giving up the whole game. But more importantly: WHERE IS THE FAKE MOUSTACHE? You cannot be Mr. Cool Disguise without an excellent fake moustache. NO DUH. Even Charlie Sheen knows that, and Charlie Sheen is a fucking idiot!

Also, who wears a disguise to hang out on HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD? That place is a dirty nightmare! “Man, I definitely want to hang out on this tourist trap of a disaster street filled with panhandler mimes and weather-beaten fanny packs, but I want to do so with the dignity of a private citizen.” Shut up, Matthew McConaughey. All of this being said, there was one picture from this series that did suggest that even if Matthew McConaughey isn’t Mr. Cool Disguise, he’s definitely Mr. Coololololol:

Matthew McConaughey Disguise Strippers

JK Livin INDEED. (Thanks for the tip, Mark.)

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  1. Is there a way to UN-annex Texas?

    • He lives in California, so if you cut off Texas you’re going to be stuck with him forever.

    • You know, on the scale of terrifically awful celebrities, he’s on the mild side. I mean really, what bad has he done? Well besides every single one of his movies.

      And nope, you’re stuck with us.

  2. I would’ve thought the cargo shorts alone would do the trick.

  3. “This won’t attract any attention at ALL” – Matthew putting on his bandana in the morning.

  4. The most horrifying part of that outfit isn’t the weird skull helmet or the train robber bandanna, it’s the fact that he tucked a t-shirt into cargo shorts. There’s like 8 things wrong with that phrase right there.

  5. So, McConaughey does not just wear shirts but also tucks them into his belted khaki shorts like a 50 year old? This shatters my entire universe.

  6. seeing as this dude is wearing a short, i call fake.

  7. Why’s he pointing at that blonde trannie with the cottage cheese thighs for? Trying to pretend he ain’t gay?

  8. “Whoa – she looks so reeeeeeaaaaal”

  9. McConaughey: “Oh my God its Divine!” “Can I get you a drink?”
    Divine: “Oh my God its Paul Walker!…….No

  10. “That’s what I love about your implants. You get older. They stay the saaaame age.”

  11. Apprentice Mr. Cool Disguise is actually my fitness guru: “My rule is to break one sweat a day.”

    I wonder if it’s hot under that mask.

  12. I don’t understand what that is a line for. Open casting call for Flavor Of Love 3D?

  13. These masks definitely should’ve been in THE TOWN.

  14. I clicked the related link to Tucker Max, and apparently a bunch of his acolytes came to defend him on Videogum. What a day that must have been.

  15. We’re all offended by the T-shirt tucked into cargo shorts, but the backless sequined Spanx dress gets the green light.

  16. Matthew McConaughey is just the absolute worst. I won’t even give him the title of Apprentice Mr. Cool Disguise.

    More like Assistant to the Mr. Cool Disguise.

  17. Is he talking to Swine Flu?

  18. MM doesn’t just own “a” JK Living t-shirt, he owns a wardrobe of JK Living t-shirts. Recognize:

  19. “plagiarist mask-wearer!”

    - this guy

  20. Guys could it be that shaq was the original Mr. Cool disguise.

  21. In an attempt to find out what the hell J.K. Livin was (still no idea) I discovered that not only did Mattie Boy graduate from the same school I’m currently in, but he graduated with the degree I’m going for. I’ve come to the point where my life is beginning to mirror Matthew McConaughey’s, and for that reason I’ve decided to drop out.

  22. “Livin’, jk”
    - Matthew McConaughey suicide note

  23. He’s back to back with a PA wearing a walkie. Does every celebrity get a “weirdo trip” documentary now??

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