You know those nightmares that you have sometimes that wake you up in the middle of the night, but remain vague and diffuse and hard to recall? Your forehead is beaded with cold sweat and your t-shirt sticks to you and your heart is racing and the house feels like it’s literally breathing. You sit up in bed, or go to the bathroom to urinate or get a drink of water, and going back to sleep is out of the question, at least in the immediate term. But it’s not so obvious as visions of a monster with triple-rows of razor teeth demanding that you drive him to the airport because his plane is leaving in five minutes but you can’t find your license and your feet are hands. If you actually try to draw up what was so terrifying, nothing comes. It’s just an overwhelming sense of panic and dread. A pervasive and unshakable belief that something in the world is very very wrong. You know those nightmares?

Well someone turned those nightmares into a video:

MOMMY! (See also: The Daymare.) (Via TheAwl. Thanks for the tip, Funtastik.)

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  1. this is my nightmare.

  2. Tracy Morgan narrates my nightmares?

  3. On a related note, have you guys all seen the new sexed-up Troll Dolls?

  4. Is anybody really watching 8 minutes of this shit?

  5. Whoops, we’re going to pizza-jail.

  6. Speaking of nightmares, I feel this is an appropriate place to share one I had the other night…It’s very vague now, but what I do remember is Sally Draper covered in blood and screaming her head off in the desert and telling me that she had just had an abortion. Very creepy. Very weird. Very inappropriate.

    Thatwasmynightmare. For realsies, you guys.

  7. After Chris with Teacup, I was already fulfilled, but Videogum is the website of blog that keeps giving! Thank you!

  8. Video Pizza Party!

  9. Seven days…

  10. You know, any dream with pizza in it is ok with me.

  11. If you play Dark Side of the Moon while this video is on it syncs up perfectly.

  12. Ashley Olsen OR Inception

    Nailing it every time, bing.

  13. On a very special episode of Full House, the girls get all crazy from too much juice. Jaleel White guest stars.

  14. The music for the song is so awesome. It’s Houston-style skrewed ‘n’ chopped. Pass the purple drank.

  15. I should show you guys my dream journal some time. This one girl I know reads it regularly and laughs so hard she cries.

  16. What, no sausage?

  17. This almost tops the creepy girl from the Ring. Now I have another reason to sleep with a light on.

  18. Interesting casting tidbit: the little brunette at the 4:00 mark is clearly Ja’mie King, who must have moved down under soon after this aired.

  19. I didn’t think there was a gif in the world that could express my feelings about this video, so I took a picture of myself while watching.

    I am seriously distressed.

  20. I am trying to read a business proposal, guys. I can’t stop laughing and I’m only listening to the audio. This will not reflect well in my next employee review.

  21. Seriously Gabe, what are you doing to me? First that living portrait, now this…my fragile heart can’t take it :(

  22. This is a masterwork of mindfucking video and audio editing.

  23. Lotta Roasted Like Ever editing in this… but then it happened, and everything changed.

  24. They used the soundtrack from Troll; the real one, not that shitty in-name-only sequel that hipsters think is cool. The REAL cool people know that the Charles Band directed Troll is the one, true Troll. Cool people like me. It features this song, Phil Fondacaro’s Oscar worthy performance, Sonny Bono turning into a plant, and the main character is a boy wizard named Harry Potter. Best Troll movie ever. Don’t bother responding to this post…I’m automatically right about everything and I hereby retire undefeated from the world of facts.

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