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  1. You don’t need to Accio us. We’re already here.

  2. More like Harry Potter and the Lack Of Interest From Facetaco!


  3. I would rather see the movie about Viking Owls.

  4. Accio Fandango! I’m seeing this shit at midnight, and no army of nerd haters can stop me.

  5. Accio Emma Watson!…to the date I want to go on with you.

  6. Only 6 and half more hours of suffocating production design and lackluster action sequences left to go.

  7. As the nerdiest nerd ever to nerd (I designed and ran a summer camp for gifted middle schoolers that mimicked going to Hogwarts, complete with a visit from owls and a Quidditch tournament), I am there.

  8. Guys, this totally Wingardeum Leviosaed my spirits.

  9. Have you guys ever seen that FB group that has a list of Harry Potter Pick-up lines? It’s hilarious. Much more impressive than your average HP pick up line…aka “Is that a wand in your pocket or are you happy to see me?”

    And while I find these great fun…I also can’t figure out who they would possibly work on.


    But really, super pumped for this.

  11. I want to share a link to one of my favorite things of all time (by Michelle Collins). Well worth the click-through, it’s hilarious.

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    • I’ve never been able to determine what people mean when they call someone a hack. As far as I can tell, it means someone who made a lot of money doing something they’re pretty good at.

  13. Hack? No! Great actually. But they gave up editing her. The last half of the series is an argument for why everyone can use an editor.

  14. This is me, expressing my excitement for Harry Potter:

  15. Awesome! I hope Gandalf kills the Balrog, or something.

  16. I just gotta say, I hope that at least 60% of this movie is Neville kicking ass at hogwarts. That was the best part of book 7 and all it got was a paragraph. for shame, JK Rowling, for shame.

    • To be fair, the sad camping trip was pretty riveting – pretty sure Neville’s awesome Hogwarts resistance movement would’ve been a total letdown after that.

  17. Many of these movies have come out around my birthday, this one no exception. My girlfriend (at the time) and I enjoyed the first movie on DVD, and so I asked her to take me out to see the second one for my birthday. Right before, we had a huge, ugly falling out and never went to see it. My point is, I’ll probably rent this.

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