Pranks are the worst. They’re the worst!!!! Always. Guys, cool it with the pranks! It’s 2010. Let’s all work together to make the planet prank-free by 2012. We don’t need to go out like this. Today, we have another sterling example of how lame and dumb and stupid and boring and lame and lame and annoying and lame pranks are. To prove to you just how lame they are, I’m going to describe the prank to you IN FULL, and it is going to sound lame, but then you are going to watch the video after the jump, and somehow, even knowing exactly what’s going to happen and how lame it is going to be, it will actually be EVEN LAMER than you imagined. OK, here we go: international pop star Eminem went into a recording studio for an interview with “Boston radio personality” Clinton Sparks. But before he arrived, Clinton Sparks stuffed his jeans with a bunch of socks to make it look like he had an incredibly large penis. So far so prank? During the interview, he keeps thrusting his crotch into Eminem’s face, and Eminem, being a professional who must submit to countless interviews every day, does his best to just ignore it and remain polite, and even goes so far as to ask his manager not to be a dick to the guy, at which point the guy says “speaking of dicks.” OH GOOD GRIEF. Finally, Eminem asks him what his fucking problem is, and the guy says that he is gifted just like Eminem, just with “something else.” And then Eminem is like, huh? And then two seconds later he pulls all these socks out of his pants, and is like “Gotcha!” And, uh, I guess that’s the end of the prank? GOOOOOOOOOOOD PRANK! Very funny and cool and interesting!

As I said, as lame as that sounds, wait until you actually see it:

Whoops. I JUST PRANKED MY BRAINS OUT. Just say no to PRANKS! (Via

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  1. how eminembarrasing!

  2. There is something wrong in our society when Eminem is no longer the bad guy.

  3. “Haha! I have made an ass of myself, wasted your time, embarassed everyone involved and made you paranoid about taking time out to do nice things like interviews with people! AREN’T I HILARIOUS?!”
    ~ Pranksters

  4. That guy pranked in his pants. Whoops!

  5. 8 Inches.

  6. He should have stuffed his pants with this:

  7. The Santa at my parents’ mall did this and it was only marginally funnier.

  8. I’ve had the confused-by-what’s-in-the-pants prank pulled on me many times before. It was called college.

  9. My computer would not play this video. I can only surmise that my computer is very concerned for my mental well-being. Thanks, compy!!! You’re the best!

  10. Why does Eminem look like Michael Jackson now?

  11. Mr. Seinfeld T-shirt at 1:15 proves these guys know from comedy hijinx.

  12. This prank really warranted the 20 second intro and dramatic fades.

  13. “And that’s why you never prank with your dick”

  14. “We’re living in a society..!”

  15. Nope, you can’t tell me what to do, Gabe. I refuse to watch this video. Do you hear me? REFUSE!

  16. I think this calls for the “reset button”. Can we celebrate the good things, now? Stuff like cute dogs and hipster tornado afficionados?

  17. This was the worst execution of a prank I’ve ever seen–”speaking of dicks,” let me stretch my penis in your face, the whole crew knows and is so awkward. It would have been so much better if he just wore it the whole interview and wait for Eminem to react to it.

  18. Clearly Eminem was in on it. Look at all of those little winks he gave us!

  19. Are all you guys watching Delocated? Because all of you guys should be watching Delocated. The latest episode was about pranks and included the line “Psychologically rape me once, shame on you; psychologically rape me twice, cock-a-doodle-doo, Jon’s gonna sue.” Jon he does it!

  20. Pranks are the worst.

    I love how this guy gave himself top billing OVER PLATINUM SELLING SUPERSTAR EMINEM. Because we’re all tuning in to see Cluntin Spharks (sp?) first and foremost.

    • Also, nothing happens here. Eminem never “falls” for anything. He just ignores the bad joke as long as he can and then finally is like, “What the fuck is wrong with you?” I think, if Clinton were smart, he would have gone home, looked at the tape, and chalked this one up as a loss. Not sit in an editing bay for hours and paste this piece of shit together in a way that makes it look like a “successful” prank.

      Guys, I get so mad at stuff.

  21. Wow, the Sparks family is like the James Gang of Thinking You’re Awesome When You’re Useless But Somehow Still Have a Career That Keeps You in the Public Eye and Making Money. (Nicholas reference, you guys.) (And not at all awkwardly put.)

  22. Next time he should put his clothes on backwards and be all like, “What? I’m just wearing clothes normally.”

  23. There’s something wrong with a radio personality who tries to pull off a visually based prank.

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