At a certain point, it might have been uncomfortable to watch a child dancing to Michael Jackson, or just a child doing anything that had anything to do with Michael jackson (because of how he definitely raped children). But now that he is in heaven, teaching the angels how to do the Cloudwalk, I guess it’s OK. This is basically like that History Channel show Life After People where scientists explain the ways in which the world would return to its wild, natural state if all the humans disappeared and were no longer able to give the planet red wine out of Diet Coke cans. (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. the way he dances, that MIGHT actually be his son…

  2. If that doesn’t work, you’re fucked.

  3. Now appearing on Ellen DeGeneres…

  4. Gabe dancing in the barrio circa 1980

  5. That kid is so going to the principal’s office at preschool for touching his butt

  6. It’s Wednesday. This kid just got allowance.

  7. there was a grand opening of a popeyes?

  8. Skills!

    I will never miss the opportunity to post a Bill Haverchuck gif.

  9. Why isn’t the sidewalk lighting up?

  10. You are right! Now that Michael Jackson is dead, it is no longer weird to watch a five-year-old grab his crotch.

  11. “At a certain point, it might have been uncomfortable to watch a child”- Me, with “a certain point” being “all points”, and “it might have been” being “it’s”.

  12. someone’s going to get busy. you know, with dance class, little league, and all those activities that keep kids busy and out of trouble.

  13. So, I want to post something funny here, but at the same time, this kid has crazy moves, right? I mean, I upvote this kid’s terpsichorean abilities? Where’s the button for that?

    • Honestly, I never know how to judge kids’ dancing. Because on one hand, their limbs are short and once a child has acceptable rhythm and balance, it’s not hard to look pretty fly. On the other hand, most little kids are usually SO clumsy to make the dance above looks like a triumph. So I guess he is awesome and I’m just jealous that nobody cares that I am a good dancer because adulthood.

  14. One of my very earliest memories is from my preschool in the early 80s, where the popular thing in the playground was to show off your “Michael Jackson dance”. Which, since at that age we had only the vaguest understanding of who Michael Jackson actually was (compiled from whatever info filtered down to us via older brothers and sisters), basically consisted of yelling “Im Michael Jackson!!” and twitching violently until you fell down.
    So this kid is much better at dancing than me, but that’s what this reminded me of.

  15. I couldn’t even wink or snap or tie my shoes at this age (big up to snaps and velcro)… on account of not having any motor skills at all.

  16. That kid has been given too many juice boxes.

  17. When I begin my career and become a professional gang member, this will be child I hire to dance on my drug table to impress my gang member associates and rivals(?).

  18. Michael Jackson is very famous celebrity in USA and he is role model of every young dancer and we can get more inspiration from him but he is no more, but we missed him.
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  19. I posit that this is no darned kid, he is a little person! Look at his hands. Look at how he moves. No kid moves like that! Kids are clumsy! Look at how little he is compared to all the other kids there. Little person! I’m telling you!! Also, no mere child could remember a dance routine that goes on for 3+ minutes. At some point he would slip up and laugh at the person filming him.

    Think about it.
    (Honestly, this probably is a kid… but it is just too creepy to be a real kid!)

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