James Urbaniak of The Venture Bros. and other things has started a podcast in which he and his four-year-old son, Severin, discuss the issues of the day (including Christine O’Donnell, DADT, and robots/spaceships). UNUNSUBSCRIBE!

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  1. Robots and spaceships had BETTER be one of the issues of today! We only have 2 years to make that future a reality!

  2. If he sends Severin to real school as opposed to a talking teaching bed pod, I’m going to be very disappointed in James Urbaniak.

  3. “Rocket rocket rocket…rocket rocket rocket rocket” might be the most serene explanation of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell I’ve ever heard

  4. I care about as much as Christine O’Donnell as you do Severin

  5. Excuse me, Gabe, but some of us are trying to be cynical and world-weary today, and it’s really hard to do when you post things like this. I don’t even want my breakfast vodka now! The sunshine outside seems inviting instead of oppressive. What the hell has this done to me?

  6. I misread it as, “James Urbaniak: Racist”. But I read “Urbaniak” right at least.

  7. one of the most enjoyable 3 minutes and 21 seconds you’ll waste all day, guaranteed

  8. Sounds like that toy tractor needs a tune-up.

  9. I’m not even clicking on the link because this is FAKE! Who names their kid Severin?

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