The “don’t do drugs” campaign has always been a difficult one to get kids to pay attention to because the word “don’t” is so similar to the word “do.” That’s really the only problem with it. It’s not the obvious appeal of drugs or the crushing impossibility of life. It’s just linguistic. “I thought you said DO do drugs!” is something we’ve all probably heard most tweens SEXT at some point, high out of their fucking minds. I do appreciate that this video includes both black children and white children, because NO ONE IS SAFE FROM THE DRUGS. But I also appreciate that they left the “rapping” to the black child. Can you imagine one of the white children doing a terrible “rap”? STALE! Kids are smart*. They can smell a phony from a Holden Caufield away. Anyway, just a Wednesday morning friendly reminder, you guys: don’t do drugs. YOU MIGHT FLY OUT THE WINDOW.

*No they’re not.
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  1. Keep fighting the good fight Gabe.

    Stupid kids won’t listen but you gotta keep runnin’ up that hill.

  2. I think the US would genuinely be a ‘force for good’ if they had only discovered the age old art of reverse psychology.

  3. You know, this video would be really great if we had some peyote.

  4. Yeah but, you know… drugs are fun.

  5. Only this book could ever teach me to say no to drugs:


  6. Mr. Green Shirt there is really not pulling his weight. I seriously doubt his commitment to Sparkle Motion.

  7. If they had gone with “Do do drugs,” it would have worked. The kids would have been too busy laughing because you said “doodoo” to buy all that meth on the playground.

    (And also, yes: I am sitting in my office, a thirty-five year old, married attorney, and laughing uncontrollably)

  8. Remember kids – never mix drugs and double denim. That’s a recipe for disaster.

  9. I did drugs once, got addicted caffeine pills. Contrary to popular belief, I was not particularly excited about it.

  10. But my binky soaked in ether is still ok, right? RIGHT?

  11. Wait…this story line about this girl makes no sense at all. Come on Scorcese, we’ve seen better.

  12. I can see why you think that they gave the “rap” to that one kid because he’s black, but consider the possibility that he was the only one who showed up that day wearing a Rap Hat.

  13. Love the black kid’s Jam Master Jay costume.

  14. The only real problem I have with this is that ‘help’ in no way rhymes with ‘face.’ LAZY WRITING, M.C. Token Minority.

  15. god that boombox is fantastic, i miss those boomboxes

  16. ZOMG
    I have been Struggling to Get a Beat HOT ENOUGH For the VGum Jam Band Song Slam or whatever,
    Fine Mind Grapes into a Fine Mind Wine


  17. Moving to a major label hasn’t really benefited Chromeo’s sound too much, I don’t think.

  18. uh the chorus reminds of pretty much every chorus in every Dahv song. (Dahv anyone? 2007? And Dahv songs remind me of doing so much drugs. (oh btw, has anyone seen my moral compass? I think I lost around 2007?)

  19. We should really consider making Michael Pollan the Drug Czar:
    “Do drugs. Not too much. Mostly pot.”

  20. That kid in the green shirt looks about as uncomfortable as a white person can get short of moving to a nicer neighborhood.

    • he’s just pissed off because the rap star is not sharing the mic with him like he’s supposed to. the rap star has pulled a favorite karaoke tactic of mine. The old: ask-someone-if-they-want-to-sing-a-song-with-you-and-then-hog-the-mic-while-you-pretend-to-share-and-make-them-further-hate-their-life. Works every time.

  21. I wish I could give a care about kids and drugs and the problems with combining the two, but even as an educator, I can’t. Mostly because the kids that always get busted for pot at my school (and it’s always pot rather than anything harder at my school) are sweet kids and great students. Meanwhile, the jackasses who are strung out on legal drugs just keep on keepin’ on. Not to mention the ones that fill up their Nalgene water bottles with vodka and such. Big Sigh.

    • I just realized how that first part sounds–I give a big care about the kids, just not what they’re doing with their free time (as long as they’re safe and well-cared-for).

  22. It’s really annoying when drug dealers call my house phone soliciting their wares, especially at dinner time.

  23. Q: I wonder where they re anyways?
    A: Doing drugs.

  24. “If you don’t think drugs have done good things for us, then take all of your records, tapes and CD’s and burn them. ”
    -Bill Hicks, a man who never heard this amazing song

  25. I guess that’s where ladies go to the beach now that the machines have scorched the sky. Seriously, why so dark? Also, I want that bathing suit. I was like, “Oh yeah, this is the music people listen to at the beach, whatev” then I heard it and actually grooved a little.

  26. I really love the end of this video. I can relate to it, you know? It’s at the point where I don’t even bother trying to sleep while I’m listening to my anti-drug music on the beach, because as soon as I start to nod off, there’s some guy shoving a bottle in my face. It’s like, come on! You don’t even have a chaser for that! Let me get back to my dream about singing kids, ok?

  27. So she got arrested for saying no to that cop’s offer of drugs?

  28. In my experience when a sleazy stranger comes up to me and asks me if I wanna get high, I usually say “no no no na-no no noooo” because I don’t want to be raped.

  29. When I was in Jr. High, my teacher used to make us watch these after school special type videos with this guy who was a motivational speaker and he would go to different schools and hold focus groups with the students about “teen issues.” Then he would give a speech/do stand up comedy for the whole school, and he would do this horribly offensive impression of a kid with mental retardation. He was really tall and had curly brown hair, and was generally strange looking. Anyway, my point is…do any of you know what I am talking and can you remember this guy’s name??? I have asked all my friends who were in my class and they seem to have blocked this from there memories all together.

    • Yep, she’s all hepped up on goofballs.

    • I don’t know that guy but my school hired a whole troupe that played songs and did skits about not doing drugs, and they all dressed in primary colors. That night, they came back to play a “rock concert” in our auditorium. My friend Paul made a sign that said “WE LOVE YOU JOEL” because the guitarist was named Joel, and he stood in the front and held that sign over his head with a giant stupid grin on his face the whole show. Jesus that was awesome. Joel grew increasingly uncomfortable as the concert wore on. Oh, and it was revealed bit by bit, during the concert, that they were secretly a Christian band. You couldn’t make religion part of the daytime show at a public school, but the extracurricular concert ended with a muted plea for us to consider accepting Jesus as the Way.

    • I know exactly what you are talking about, I think it was a PBS series/special? I can’t remember his name either! The best/worst part is I subbed at a Jr. High a few years ago, and they were still showing this dude’s videos. I subbed again at that same Jr. High on 4/20, and it was… not awesome. (But actually kind of awesome, because some kids were too high to be assholes).

  30. I really like the new Yeasayer single!


  32. Seriously, if I was at the beach and that song came on the stereo as depicted, I don’t care how asleep I was Id either wake up or sleep walk, pick it up, and throw it in the ocean. Then proceed to do drugs.

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