Chicago Magazine has an essay from Myra Janco Daniels, who was married to an advertising executive named Draper Daniels, who was (at least partly) the inspiration for Don Draper. Hello!

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  1. Don Draper is gangsta. Here’s a show about his shorty.

  2. Mrs. Blankenship, your thoughts?

  3. She’s actually the real life Peggy. The people Weiner based Don and Peggy on got married in real life after working together for awhile. I hope there never was a real life Betty because yikes.

  4. I thought this gal was more like Peggy, if she and Don hooked up in 5th season of Mad Men.

    (i even seem to recall, though i may be mistaken, that Myra Janco Daniels was Draper’s 2nd wife).

  5. I’ve read this before and it’s awful! He basically tricks her into marrying him. And then pronounces her name wrong when their companies merge, in front of all of their employees. Creepy creepy.

    “Looking back now, I realize I never regretted marrying him, even though I resisted pretty strongly at first. I think it shows that sometimes we don’t know what’s best for ourselves. I had been so work-oriented and had resisted so strongly that Dan saw no choice but to come after me. I’m grateful that he did.”

    little ladies don’t know what’s best for themselves!

  6. I’m in agreement with Holly. Seriously, read that story. The lady, err I mean advertising COO, was fairly dim (I thought he was going into City Hall to buy a fishing license – reeeaallly?), had daddy issues and on top of it all, probably had a large collection of Harlequin Romance novels. Also, one commenter posts that Draper Daniel’s divorce from his first wife was finalized the year after these crazy, koo-koo mad kids had tied the knot.

  7. uh why is there, on sites that mention this story, some comment about myra janco daniels being known as a liar? did she do something?
    also what’s the story with the first daniels lady? cora or something?

    • sorry, louise cort daniels

      • just information for informations sake:

        Louise Cort Daniels was a great woman. she worked for women’s rights, AND marched with MLK AND went to jail for it proundly.

        then she and Draper Daniels got divorced for some reason, and she became an elementary school principle at nearly 60, volunteered for the wildlife, hiked a mountain, and apparently was super optimistic.

        That’s all from her church newsletter’s obit for her,
        and on the Myra story comments someone says that Myra and Draper treated her badly.

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