The world’s most exciting pitch for a horror survival action thriller, Gesundheit, has now made it to the finals in the Tribeca Film Festival contest. Good work, agents.

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  1. Oh I had almost forgotten about this!

    Gesundheit:It’s allgery seaons and everything’s becomming amuck and it’s kinda biological.

  2. God bless this news.

  3. Everyone’s mocking this, but what if it starred a baby panda?

    • I’m attempting to put an animated gif of a pepper shaker here so it looks like that’s what’s making the explainerguy baby sneeze. Please no one reply to this ever.

  4. Do you guys think they should make up a word that functions in the same fashion as “gesundheit” for when someone near you cuts a fart? It could be a way of addressing the awkwardness of the situation and relieves the guilt and embarrassment of the person who let the audible non-silent but deadly gaseous emission. A way of saying, “Hey, friend, we all commit these transgressions and you should not feel bad about it. Time to let go and move”

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