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Last night was the premiere of HBO’s new series, Boardwalk Empire. As you can see from this photo, it is a show about GENTLEMEN! LOLOLOL JK JK JK. It’s a show about JERKS! So far so great, am I right, you guys? Right. It’s one of those cases where I’m not even sure what there is to say about it. Have you ever read Flannery O’Conner? Her stories are so good that it’s just like, shut up. Shut up and read another one of her stories. I kind of feel that way about this. I’m not saying it’s the greatest show I’ve ever seen, but as someone who lacks any meaningful understanding of the history of the Prohibition Era, and who has only been to Atlantic City once, two weeks ago for that matter, and found that there were very few shops weighing impossibly small babies and a great many shops offering NIGHTMARE MASSAGES and also homophobic slur t-shirts, the show is immune to my criticisms. On top of that, it’s filled with great actors (HELLO, MICHAEL PITT) and cowboy sex and FEDERALES, and there were even some murders and two midgets boxing. But just because I don’t have much to say about it doesn’t mean you guys don’t. So say it already. THIS IS AMERICA, WHO IS STOPPING YOU?

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  1. I’m not really sure what to say about it either. I think it’s good but it’s nothing to shit in your pants over.

    • Agreed. I’m a few episodes in (I’m special) and losing interest.

      One of the dudes in the show apartently lives in my apt building though? Last night I saw him outside all dressed up ’20s-style w/ big Boardwalk Empire billboards. He said he was hosting a screening for his friends. Older guy, forget what character he plays. Exciting shit.

  2. I am fantastically excited about this show. Though it does seems somewhat familiar, it uses a lot of gangster film standard cliches and what have you, but it is just so fun to watch. And furthermore, I do not doubt that those cliches will be trashed as this show progresses.

    But I already love the characters of Nucky and Jimmy. And Michael Stuhlbarg’s character is just too smart for school. and the girl from No Country for old men is awesome.

    And how about those lines of Nucky’s? Man there are some zingers:

    “Let’s get a drink.”
    “I’ve already got what I want from you, what the hell would we talk about?”

  3. “Stop with the cowboy shit, it’s distracting.”

  4. It’s understandable that you don’t know a ton about the prohibition era, Gabe. Those kids, with their crashing stock markets and dust bowls, didn’t give a crap about your bum knee, so why should you have given a crap about their bathtub whiskey?

  5. How is everyone overlooking the triumpant return of DABNEY COLEMAN to our hearts and minds?!

  6. Prohibition era? So this is a musical about Speakeasies, right?

  7. “Have you ever read Flannery O’Conner? Her stories are so good that it’s just like, shut up.”

    No. Sorry. There’s too much glare on my iPad out here by the pool and I spent the rest of my money on expensive sunglasses and can’t afford a Kindle.

  8. As I do not have cable, I cannot comment on the quality (or lack thereof) of this show. However, I do feel qualified to say that I wish Steve Buscemi would bring me flowers.

  9. I was really disappointed that Scorsese didn’t use a Rolling Stones song to start the show. But seriously, how many times can he tell the same story in a different setting? Its just a different permutation of the characters and plot lines of all his movies. I love Michael Pitt, but it cracks me up because you can almost picture Scorsese being like “What do you mean Leo isn’t available? Give me the we-spent-to-much-money-on-the-set version of Leo.” With that said, this show is awesome, I loved it, and can’t wait to watch it again next week.

  10. Did anyone else watch “The 19th Wife” on Lifetime? That was powerful television right there.

    • Give us a recap!

      • There were some mormon polygamists. And one got shot! Everyone blamed this one lady. Lady’s hot son comes back from the secular world to see what’s going on (you know because his mom is in jail). This young girl in the church is questioning plural marriage. Her and hot boy used to be friends but he got kicked out because he touched her when they were kids (jerk). But he’s hot now so it’s okay. Young girl is married to a policeman who seems angry hot son is hanging around his wife. Hot son and young girl solve the case like the Mystery Gang.

        SPOILER ALERT! It was young girl’s husband who shot the guy! Because he was told by church people to give his wife to the guy he shot. See? It makes perfect sense. Anyway policeman goes to jail and young girl, young girl’s daughter, and hot son drive off into the sunset.

        There are also flashbacks to some old times lady that left the church and wrote a book which young girl reads to help her leave the church too. It was totally moving and like paralleled modern days troubles with young girl.

        I give it 3 hearts our of 4.
        -1 star for lack of sexxy times with young girl and hot son. Also no one got possessed by the devil.

    • I watched Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men, of course. But if you are serious, I will DVR the repeat right now!

      • Uh oh. Don’t read my spoiler. It will ruin the whole thing!

        • I read it anyway (I am one of those people who always reads the last page of a book)! But I will record it when it repeats. Polygamy is so interesting. I can’t wait to watch Sister Wives on TLC, b/c it looks like True Life: Big Love.

  11. I hope that once we’re through a few expository episodes, things will get good. I didn’t know the people well enough to understand what was happening with the liquor and the stealing and the deer and the trees.

  12. holy shit this show is soooo good. – me in 6-10 months when the dvd comes out

  13. I read some bloggy thing about how this was the most predictable pilot ever–but not in a bad way. It’s just like, ok, we all knew there was a gangster show about prohibition-era Atlantic City coming soon, written by a great Sopranos writer and with creative influence by the also great Martin Scorcese, starring the always great even in Armageddon Steve Buscemi, and we were all like “Wow, this will be pretty great.” And then it was pretty great in pretty much the exact ways we expected it to be. It’s just like, ok, check that box.

    It may be a while before this show surprises us, but for now, who cares? Good tv is as good tv does, or something.

  14. Tommy from “Snatch” as baby Al Capone! And Michael K. Williams with one, perfect (because he is perfect) line!

    AND Kelly Macdonald from “Gosford Park” and “State of Play,” she is the most wonderful. The casting, I looooove it.

  15. How far you’ve come, Mr. Buscemi.

    “Yes, considering we’re in America. I mean, if you don’t like spaghetti and meatballs, why don’t you get the hell out?”

  16. I had an adventure on the Atlantic City boardwalk once and I’d like to tell you about it, but there’s no time right now because at my thrill-a-minute day job, someone has blown a deadline and in the process overwritten a crucial computer file, replacing it with a super-outdated version of that file, which means my day will now be taken up re-doing work that I did 3 weeks ago, in addition to today’s work. Maybe I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Have fun.

  17. Is a wood chipper involved?

  18. Not to kick up controversy, but I think the best gangster show on TV right now is Sons of Anarchy. It’s been widely overlooked, but I just watched the first 2 seasons on Netflix and was blown away. I challenge anyone to watch the first two episodes and not be hooked.

    That said, Boardwalk Empire looks great, as well. We’ll see if the rest of the season lives up to the hype.

    • Sons of Anarchy is quite good – and while it at times seems to briefly pander to the Nickelback crowd, Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman, always keeps things on the level – good show, that.

      As for Boardwalk Empire, in the DVR queue for tonight – I had TOO MUCH good TV last night after the ladies of SCDP recruited Pete Campbell and Harry Crane’s rug to transport dead Ida, then the Mrs. Butterworth/rum bottle mix up.

    • Totally. It took me about 4 episodes to get truly hooked, but damn am I glad that I did. So good. And a real spiritual successor to The Shield (though let’s be honest, nothing can ever be as good as The Shield)

  19. this is entirely off-topic, but where is the love for breaking bad on videogum? i mean mad men is great, but breaking bad blows it out of the water, imo

    • I watched the first 2 seasons of “Breaking Bad” this summer, and for a while I was thinking, “Is this maybe better than ‘Mad Men’? But then I watched the last ten minutes of season two of “Breaking Bad” and the last nine episodes of “Mad Men” and realized, no, it isn’t close.
      “Breaking Bad” is still really really good though.

      • sorry to disagree with Vodka, but Breaking Bad is better than Mad Men. And you are right this show is continually over looked. It is the best show on television. The only show that is good enough to take over The Wire’s spot on top

  20. You’re right about everything but it’s Flannery O’Connor :( :( :( :( I’M SORRY I JUST LOVER HER SO MUCH I WANT HER NAME TO BE SPELLED CORRECTLY

  21. I thought it was above average. I will watch the next episode.

    And how about that guy getting half his face shotgunned off? WTFF?

  22. The first episode did not meet our expectations fully. We kept seeing these amazing actors/tresses and watching them deliver some pretty bad lines. And Jimmy’s whole thing of “I have seen things, I am a murder” was REALLY weak.

    Please improve BWalk empire

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