I’m sure no one smells glasses filled with cat urine or pops grains of cat littler into their mouth and eats them in this cat littler commercial.

Whoops! I was wrong. It’s funny how you can be so sure of something only to have the opposite be true LOL. Also, uh, WHAT ON EARTH? I mean, I know those are all a bunch of Joaquin Phoenix caliber actors and that this commercial was probably directed by Casey Affleck (pro-fake), but nevertheless. “Will you hold this glass of unnamed liquid up to your nose and breathe deeply?” “I absolutely will do that.” Those people actually deserved to have a giant whiff of face-crippling amoniac cat urine. It’s almost disappointing that this fantastic product works so well, just because I would have liked to see those people get what was coming to them. (Thanks for the tip, Tim.)

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  1. Ugh, Bing can’t find a single video with cats in the name? On the internet?

  2. CAT PEOPLE, this is WERE THE bad rap COMES FROM. CUT THIS shit immediately, PLEASE.

    • I can’t speak for others, but I have never asked someone to smell my cat’s pee, nor have I ever carried her pee soaked litter in a cup and offered it to anyone. But I’m not a scientist with a degree in science.

    • yeah, cat people! david bowie is watching you!

      • 1986 David Bowie: So you showed your penis to the man at the greeting-card company?
        Bret: That was your idea.
        1986 David Bowie: I didn’t mean something like that. I only meant something like… I don’t know, wear makeup or…
        Bret: Yeah, I was wearing makeup. I had lightning bolts on my wanger.

  3. “What are we going to do with all this extra corn?”

    “Feed the poor of the world?”

    “Naw, that’s too expensive. Oh, how about have cats pee on it!”

    “That’s gold! Call marketing.”

  4. Our girlfriend just purchased every last bag

  5. I know what I’m buying my cat for Chrimbus!

  6. Well, that’s four years of Pavlovian respondent conditioning I’ll never get back.

  7. Fake and gross.

  8. Seems like the right time for people to post cute picture of cat urine. I’m thinking maybe cat urine dressed as a tiny tiger. Maybe a gif of cat urine jumping out of a box or being surprised by a glass of dog urine?

  9. My fauxslexia tricked me into reading the title as “This Is Just A Normal Cat Hitler Commercial In Which Nothing Weird Happens”, and so I was disappointed that there wasn’t a single Kitler in the ad.

  10. Litter? I hardly Bieber!

    Wait, I think I did that wrong.

  11. Weirdly, this ad only runs during Hoarders.

  12. “Does this litter taste funny to you?” –These guys.

  13. I bet the soundtrack to this commercial got released on Sufjan Stevens’ label.

  14. Great, now even our cat pee will be obese.

  15. Well, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. If you all had eaten REGULAR cat litter you’d know that this cat litter is a HUGE improvement in taste. CASE CLOSED.

  16. I could have been putting my stale cereal and popcorn into the litter box this whole time? EFF!

  17. Presenter : “They’re not talking about cat pee, they’re talking about themselves!”
    Don Draper : “Is this your first cat litter commercial?”

    • Teddy told me that in Greek cat pee literally means the pee from a cat. It’s a twinge in your nose far more powerful than regular kitty litter.

  18. Wait, why doesn’t the cat eat the litter? I mean, you’re essentially just giving it a free box of delicious (apparently) corn. I have legitimate concerns about the validity of this product that no amount of piss-smelling will solve.

  19. This kitty litter is so good they had to change the percentage scale.

  20. Hey kitty, how does that litter taste?

  21. As an actual cat lady, I just want to say: This cat litter sucks for reals. I tried it and it didn’t hide the smell. Maybe I should have been eating it this whole time.

    • Have you contacted the FTC yet? Do we need another Videogum Everywhere mission?

    • That sucks. As another cat lady, I was totally buying this product until I read your comment. Gross commercial shmoss commercial, I’d pay big bucks to be able drink my cat’s urine with my buddies. That’s what this ad’s for, right?

    • You just saved me an actual trip to the store.

    • I love this stuff! The only bad thing is when my cat doesn’t cover her poop. But regular litter wouldn’t hide that smell either.

      • Yeah, I use it too and it’s pretty good. I think the key to having an odor free cat box/area is to clean it everyday and flush the clumps of urine and poopies down the toilet. Don’t be one of those people who keeps a bag of cat shit next to their cat box for weeks at a time.

  22. I am sure that the children of Darfur are ecstatic over our decision to allow old ladies’ cats to piss in our vast surpluses of corn.

  23. I’m suddenly craving a meat-free, cheese-free, kitty litter sandwich.

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  25. A make-money brainstorm: Kopi Luwak coffee is made from coffee beans excreted from cats and sells for $450 a pound. (True.)


    Think about it:

    1) No need to have a separate food bowl and litter pan, the litter pan does both.
    2) When the cat eats the coffee bean litter and poops back in the pan, you can sell it for $450 a pound.
    3) Coffee is excellent at masking smells.

    Am I missing something, or is this the best and most profitable idea ever? We can make money from our cats, you guys!

  26. “makes me want to bring the cat litter box back into the house” – ????????

    whut? if your cats go outside – don’t they just piss/shit on the GRASS? or anything else that is outside??

    if her cats are otherwise indoor cats, is she saying that she makes her cats go outside to pee in the littler box only?

    oh fuck, i give up.

  27. If someone had told me that was an episode of “Look Around You”, I wouldn’t have batted an eye.

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