Gabe Liedman and Jenny Slate are true friends who love getting REAL. This is their new web series that is about that.

These guys could sit around being best friends making jokes about the phone book and I would like it.

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  1. Does this mean Bookgum is cancelled?

  2. No joke, this is great. I want to fly to NYC and hang out with Soft Gabe and Jenny Slate all the time and just laugh at their jokes and then maybe the three of us could become besties? Hard Gabe could be there, too, that’s fine, as long as he brings Birdie.

  3. She cussed on SNL, I don’t know if she can be trusted on the web…

    • “Now, before I give you the keys to all this internet, I got to know that you gonna keep it clean and family-like on here. You gonna do that for me?” –The Internet

      “No fucking problem.” Marcel, the shell with shoes on (after returning from rehab)

    • The FCC has some technical stipulations in their rules about public decency standards that basically grants cussing exemptions to girls who are pretty. That’s good, because if those stipulations did not exist then we would have to take up arms and take our country back.

  4. This made me cry, but they were happy tears!

    Keep the warm fuzzy videos coming, Gabe!


  6. this is gunna do big thingz for dilbert.

  7. I’ve got an idea: a show called Bestie x Bestie x Bestie.
    I’ll be the 3rd Bestie.

  8. Am I missing something? I’ve watched this twice and didn’t see Gabe Liedman.

  9. Is this the fucking Carol Burnett Show? Tell Liedman to keep a straight face.

  10. That’s exactly what they’re like!

    I have nothing to add but a contented sigh. That was very funny.

  11. Can someone post a non-Vimeo link? The Man be blockin’ Vimeo. :(

  12. You guys wanna hear a joke?

    That video was funny.

    Get it?

  13. Can’t wait for Ad-Rock and MCA’s next installment of Beastie x Beastie.

  14. I have maintained the position on these forums that Jenny Slate is pretty and I stand by that position.

  15. Continuity error: After the question truck pulls up, Gabe removes a slip of paper from the middle slot of the truck. In the next scene the middle slot has a slip of paper in it, and the rightmost slot is empty. That totally ruined the video for me. Plus, books are awesome.

    Just kidding, you guys! Books are dumb!

  16. Books just got Fuckin Nailed
    I hate em too.

  17. The last line made me laugh out loud!

  18. That video was hilarious. Especially because I’m sure Gabe was actually losing his shit. Jenny Slate is very funny.

  19. The fact that they have John Bellairs books on the shelf puts this over the top from amazing to perfection for me.

  20. this was funny? i must have missed the funnyness of it

  21. It is RIDICULOUS that Jenny was let go from SNL and this proves it! Just keep being funny on the internet, Jenny, we love you and will never fire you.
    ps-Soft Gabe is funny toooo

  22. My only problem with this video is that it wasn’t long enough. MORE BESTIE X BESTIE NOW PLEASE!!!

  23. Question Truck!

  24. After Marcel the Shell and this video I have come to the conclusion that Jenny should be doing ALL the voices from now on. She’s so good at voices, guys! Basically got the whole game on lock.

  25. More of this and less reality tv please.

    :D <- I was all like this emoticon

  26. This is awesome. She is so much better in this than in SNL. I’m glad she left. More, please!

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