I’m not saying that Shia LaBoeuf IS a shape-shifting immortal clone. I’m just saying, do we know for sure that Shia LaBoeuf ISN’T a shape-shifting immortal clone?

The truth is out there, sheeple. (Thank you for the tip and also for making this video, Becca.)

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  1. Hi Becca’s mom!

  2. If so, he would probably be able to shift into a decent actor worth watching.

    • Didn’t you see the Ben Savage part?

      • I’m sorry, but everyone knows that Albert Brooks shapeshifted into Ben Savage already. Seriously, google image and sibe-by-side compare. You won’t be sorry. If I were good at photoshop, I’d show you guys right now, but also I’m too afraid of Big Ben Savage.

  3. I am convinced. I now believe that the government had a hand in creating LaBoeuf. Is there some sort of society or compound I can join? I have my checkbook out.

  4. Somebody make a lame Transformers joke quick before I do.

  5. I’m just glad this issue is finally getting the attention it deserves.

  6. Big thumbs up for the Fayum mummy portraits!


    The video alas fails to mention the connection between Shia and another immortal doomed to roam this earth in eternal sadness : Keanusteen (and am I alone in thinking Constanteen* was, basically, Sad Keanu : The Movie?)

    * Not to be confused with DC/Vertigo character John Constantine

  7. Forget The Beef, WHAT the hell is up with that Albert Einstein humanoid robot???? Yikes, Bing.

  8. until this makes it to Glen Beck’s chalkboard, I refuse to believe it.

  9. he looks nothing like young einstein….

  10. Shia Lebeouf? Kinda LaDouche.

  11. Sorry, I’m still too busy busting a gut, laughing at the Frida Kahlo evidence.

  12. I wonder what DS3M thinks?

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