Oh boy. It gets better/worse. From the About page:

Life is busy. Who has time for dating? SaladMatch.com was designed for the busy young professional like yourself who lives a healthy lifestyle and is looking to get to know like minded individuals. While most dating sites match couples based on conventional interests like hobbies, work, or religion, SaladMatch links you with your salad soulmate based on which Just Salad location you frequent, when you frequent it, and what ingredients you love in your salad.

“Good grief.” –Charles Brown.


(Thanks for the tip, Mary.)

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  1. I’ll think of a salad pun in a minute. Right now I gotta go take a leek.

  2. You can find me on CabbageMatch.com, ladies!

    (Hmm, this is my second plea 2 tha ladiez today. #desperate)

  3. No thanks, let me know when the KFCDoubleDownMatch.com site goes up.

  4. I just went on a tossed salad dating site, do not do that ugh my eyes

  5. “Dating OR Salad”

    Do I have to choose just one?

    • Obviously you would be choosing salad because YOU’RE TOO YOUNG FOR DATING, YOUNG LADY!!!

      …phew, sorry about that. Things just got parental in here.

  6. Your move Shirtless Karaoke Internet Dating Guy.

  7. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  8. I prefer my matches from SausageFest.com

  9. Nomayomatch.com is a far more superior dating site. I prefer that my significant other hates mayo just as much as I do.

  10. “I can’t believe I used to go out without you.”

  11. “…SaladMatch links you with your salad soulmate based on which Just Salad location you frequent, when you frequent it, and what ingredients you love in your salad.”

    If you were constantly going to the same Just Salad location at the same time as someone else, and always ordering the same salad, don’t you think it would just be a matter of time before you would naturally meet? It just doesn’t seem like the internet is necessary in this case. #oldfashioned

    • If you are really desperate, just get behind someone in line that is really hot and copy their order and say, “Wow, you and I are a match made in salad Heaven. This never happens to me.” Create “fake fate.”

      • Exactly! Whatever happened to the time-honored tradition of just being a stone-cold creep?

      • No no, not “fake fate,” it’s called “Taking control of your own destiny” and there are many fine publications that advocate just that. You’ll find them on my bookshelf, covered in wine- and tearstains.

  12. Wow, they even give you a free honeymoon in a town called Nilbog!

  13. what am I missing here?

  14. a vegetable dating site…is this where Terry Chiavo met her husband?

    a vegetable dating site…isn’t that discriminating to fruits?


  15. A place where classic love stories are born. Like Romaine and Julienne.

  16. I like my ladies like I like my salad—with dressing on the side. (Did that work?)

  17. of course Charles Brown doesn’t approve, he probably has Lachanophobia, not to mention Hypengyophobia. and lets not forget Climacophobia, although that one doesn’t apply here.

    no wonder the little red-headed girl got away from him.

  18. Some days I have a hard time remembering all the things Gabe says are mine. Like I think I have a whole lot of extra-creepy boyfriends who do weird stuff on Youtube that I don’t remember hooking up with, but I guess at least I know now that I must have met them on my dating site, SaladMatch.com.

  19. Just Salad is forgiven because they have the Just Salad Signature, which has both bacon and apples in it, my two favorite things. It is my salad crack.

  20. I like that they kept it very realistic by making all the employees people of color and the salad eaters white nerds.

  21. corn with cleavage? i will not be registering.

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