Mel Gibson Disguise

First Charlie Sheen was Mr. Cool Disguise. Then Spencer Pratt was Mr. Cool Disguise. Now, the title of Mr. Cool Disguise goes to Mel Gibson for this excellent disguise. Very good disguise, Mel Gibson! Easily one of the top three disguises of all time. You know, I never realized how OFTEN the title of Mr. Cool Disguise changed hands! It turns out the answer is: very very often. Of course, some might argue that this disguise is not very effective in doing the actual work of disguising. Personally, as I have already said, I think this is a wonderful disguise, and I applaud Mel Gibson on choosing such a clever disguise. But there are those who would point out that Mel Gibson is a world famous movie star who has been at the forefront of people’s minds in recent months after the whole threatening-the-mother-of-his-child-with-physical-violence-because-of-something-to-do-with-a-hot-tub-blowjob-and-also-using-the-word-nigger-for-no-reason-and-blaming-all-the-wars-on-Jews thing, so a sloppy fake moustache, a pair of thrift store glasses, and a gas station baseball hat might not be enough to shield him from the Public Eye of Sauron. So, just in case, I’ve taken the liberty of improving Mel Gibson’s disguise, just in case. (Don’t worry, Mel Gibson, as far as I am concerned this disguise is just perfect. I’m only suggesting this as a way to get people to SHUT UP!)

Check it out, Mel Gibson:

Mel Gibson Disguise (Improved)
Better! (Via TMZ.)

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  1. He’s still got it!

  2. bing doesn’t seem to be getting the message. “mel gibson OR disguises”?

  3. Bing does it again!

    Mel Gibson OR Disguises

  4. “Jews are responsible for all the bad disguises in the world.”–Mel Gibson

  5. Just when you think it’s impossible for Mel to be MORE sane, he goes and breaks new ground in sane behavior. Kudos to you, Mel… but save some sanity for the rest of us.

  6. Too creative?

  7. I bet Screech will have a better disguise.

  8. Charlie Sheen, Spencer Pratt, and Mel Gibson? What a great pedigree! Too bad I’m not an awful animal-man with horrible 9/11 or Jew opinions or a weird obsession with Satan and facial hair the color of flesh because at this rate I’ll NEVER be Mr. Cool Disguise!

  9. Can’t wait for the other 129 disguises!

  10. It’s not a disguise, after all his controversy no studio will hire him and now he has to deliver mail to support himself

  11. “I carry a picture of Ellie Wiesel in my wallet.”–Mel Gibson.

  12. It’s not a disguise, it’s a symbol of solidarity:

  13. If only he had been captured in his “Sugar Tits” disguise. Next time, TMZ!

  14. glasses? mustache? flannel?


  15. now it’s a bit more believable

  16. He should have tried black face

  17. Does he have an EXTRA pair of disguise glasses hanging from the chain around his neck?! I can only hope he has a cardigan under the flannel so he can make this his secondary disguise:

  18. Mel has clearly never seen this gem:

  19. “Dude, you have no sugar tits” – Me, when stealing his moustache on my longboard.

  20. Captain Sully has let him self go since he retired.

  21. So is he trying out for “American Chopper” or something?

  22. “He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot, but don’t let that fool you. He really is an idiot.”

  23. Call me crazy, but Mel looks like Clive Owen in that disguise.

  24. [IMG][/IMG]

  25. and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to think of a good costume for halloween. thank you, mr gibson.

  26. He looks like Sam Crenshaw from Today’s Special.

    • OH MY GOD. I was thinking about this show about a month ago, like, IN DEPTH, but had no idea what it was called. I used to watch it a lot but was always perplexed by the mannequin-is-a-person conceit of the show. C-R-E–E-P-Y.

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