The safe bet after last week’s fiasco would have been to post an Anne Geddes photo of two babies dressed as pumpkins. “This one says goo goo and that one says blah blah.” Nothing quells a controversy like some piece of shit Anne Geddes photo. I heard they made a movie about her starring Kevin Spacey and Samuel L. Jackson. But Anne Geddes photos don’t really fall under our purview. This is a pretty close second. In honor of the final season of Oprah’s show, Oprah, Sara Schaefer has created a website dedicated to the faces made on the show, which we can all agree are incredible faces. Good work, Sara Schaefer. The only thing left to do now, of course, is CAPTION THOSE FACES.

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s MONSTERRRRRRRRRRRRS’ BALLLLLLLLLLLL! (Oprah voice, obviously.) (Thanks for the tip, Jeb.)

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  1. WMOAT IS BACK!!!!! I thought it was gone forever!!!

  2. A woman from Oprah’s audience reacts to last weeks caption contest.

  3. Funny, these are the same faces some people made when they found out Oprah was canceling her show.

  4. Now, THAT’S an O* face.


    (Baby Friday: final season)

  5. You Glad.

  6. what do radio broadcasts of ‘War of the Worlds’, the Beatles in 1964, and a plane ride with John Travolta have in common?

  7. A college educated woman realizes she’s been taking medical advice from Jenny McCarthy.

  8. She’s pretty.

  9. She will be making the same face as the plane John Travolta is piloting on their trip to Australia plummets into the Pacific Ocean.

  10. The face of the easily persuaded.

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  12. “I just received a special place in this week’s Monsters’ Ball!!!”

  13. “I think I just botoxed my eyelids. Durf.”

  14. “Now let me get this straight…it’s going to be a chocolate plane?”

  15. I’m an awfully big GIF!

  16. I’m having trouble thinking of funny stuff, but this woman is a gift that just continues to give!

  17. *Brokencyde lyrics*

  18. Double Oprah all the way! What does it mean?!

    (UGH. I’ve got nothing and I’m relying on a 3 month-old meme)

  19. WOW! Dennis Rodman realy is bigger than Oprah.

  20. Oprah shows Obama how to make white people happy about getting stuff for free.

  21. January 1, 2013. WE MADE IT!

  22. There is a fine line between horror and joy, and this lady straddles it like a pony.

    • Wait- so the fine line IS the pony, or she straddles lines like how ponies straddle lines?

      • Initially I meant that the line was the pony, but I left “it’s” out by mistake. Now I believe she is a wild, line-straddling pony, bucking tradition and decorum with her confusing emotional reactions.

  23. She’s actually yelling “Why?” This is taken from the part of the episode where they brought Don Johnson on, hence the head turn/long blink of indifference from the blond in the background.

  24. Por ti volaré…

  25. Debbie Thompson of Munster, IN reacts to Oprah’s final show, in which Oprah, Gayle, and Sarah Palin vajazzle one another while Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban duet on Neil Diamond’s “America,” seven tons of MAC lipstick are airlifted onto an Ethiopian AIDS ward, and Dale Chihuly builds, to scale, a model of the Large Hadron Collider out of sweet Belgian chocolate.

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  27. Not pictured: A sense of perspective.

  28. “The paternity test says….. you ARE the father.”

  29. Not to be Professor Obvious over here, but I think she’s screaming “WHOOO!!!”


  31. Everyone in the audience today will receive a Brand New HEART TRANNNNSPLANNNNNT! (Oprah’s voice)

  32. She’s doing an impression of me watching Peggy take Joey down on Mad Men.

  33. Oprah… not Opera!

  34. She must have just heard about this headline: “Brian Austin Green: Megan Fox is ‘My Better Half in Parenting’”

  35. -”No no no, it’s ‘whaaa!’”
    -Stop hitting me on the head!
    -Stop hitting me on the head.
    -But it’s being hit on the head lessons in here!

  36. +


  37. For old times’ sake:

  38. “WWWWOOOOAAAAHHHH” – Outer Monologue

    “I am not entirely sure what is going on” – Inner Monologue

  39. Her eyeballs are scary. The more I watch this (I’m mesmerized), the more strained they are. Hey eyeballs, don’t pop out next time I watch, please!

  40. Infinite Jest has an Oprah sticker on it!!!!!

  41. KEVIN!

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    • I’m just speaking for myself, but you were probably downvoted because the joke doesn’t really make any sense. So she’s on a game show? Because she’s stupid? Huh. In that context, throwing in the word “bitch” seems pointless. Let’s see what happens when we make a few changes:

      “Come on down… You’re the next contestant on The Lovely Woman Who Has Probably Had To Overcome Some Difficult Obstacles Due Solely To Her Gender Is Not Quite That Intelligent But I’m Sure She Has a Lovely Personality That More Than Makes Up For Her Relative Lack Of God-Given Intellect!”

      Nope. Still not funny. Worth a try, though.

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        • Explain to me how being a big fan of Oprah means that one can assume that she isn’t bright/ is a bitch? I guess people would think she’s not smart because she’s a follower, or whatever, but does it make her mean? Or cold? Or condescending? Or any other bitchy trait? I think that calling someone you know nothing about a bitch just because someone made a .gif of her reacting to a television show is uncalled for, but that’s just me.

          • By the way, I liked Oprah on 30 Rock and in the Color Purple. Problem is, I have several degrees. What does that make me? (Bitchy I may be. But I think it’s unrelated to my enjoyment of Oprah.)

          • Good work. Cool explanation.

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          • And so what is your definition of bitch then? Your response doesn’t explain your original commentary at all.

          • Also–you bring up the point about “clever”. It seems that most people reading disagree with you on that front. The comment was not clever, in the opinion of those who voted. Knowing this community, I’m guessing 99% of the monsters that downvoted it did so because they thought it wasn’t funny, not because they found the term bitch offensive.

    • I thought it was funny, “LL Bein”. And I caught the reference to The Price is Right name. It’s funny. Take some quantum of solace from my little endorsement.

    • Ooh, I want to try! Let’s Oprah it up.

      Oprah: And today, everyone in my audience will receive…a POST-PATRIARCHAL SOCIIIIEEEETTYYYYYY!!!

  43. WWWHHHHHEEEERE’S my free car, Oprah?


  45. She screamed when the rubber, Mission: Impossible mask came off, but deep down it made perfect sense: Tyler Perry had been Oprah from the beginning.


  47. Author Donna Tartt finds out her new book, The Interminable Technical Challenge, is the new Oprah book club selection.

    Too obscure? It’s based on how the lady looks like Donna Tartt:

    Nevermind. I’m out.

  48. Oh wow, at first glance the woman in the GIF looks exactly like my sister! I doubted it was her, until I saw this picture she posted of herself at the airport on Facebook:

    “WOOOO! I’m on my way to Australia, mates!”*

    *Apologies to my sister, my nephew, and to Oprah. But not to John Travolta.


  50. “WHAAAAAT? I just won the Lord of the Rings BluRay Give Away on videogum? SCORRRRRRRRE!”

  51. 2 Kings 23-24:
    “23 Then he went up from there to Bethel; and as he was going up by the way, young lads came out from the city and mocked him and said to him, “Go up, you baldhead; go up, you baldhead!” 24 When he looked behind him and saw them, he cursed them in the name of the LORD. Then two female bears came out of the woods and tore up forty-two lads of their number.”


  52. She’s coming to Melbourne. Party at my place!

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  54. Another update from Japan folks:

    I might die here, or become homeless, living off of cats I hunt until I show up for my flight, ragged, no longer human, terrified of the metal beast taking away the ground.

    More simply. I am just about out of money, my bank lied about my card working here, and my bank didn’t give me traveler’s checks but cashier’s checks. Yayyyyy! (That was sarcasm, which they don’t understand here, which I occasionally use to my own amusement.) I’m working on solutions, but right now my last two days have been stress and rage, so not really the best vacation ever, and I can’t plan for the trips I had wanted to make.

    Chaka Khan’s Mom, if I make it back alive, in October I am forming an elite squad of friends to launch an all out assault on what formerly was Chittenden, you in? Anyone else who wants in, let mme know.

    Godspeed Monsters, godspeed.

  55. This, incidentally, is what she’s reacting to:


  56. True story, I was a Anne Geddes baby and for the last 15 years I have to put up with seeing myself naked on mothers day cards, dressed up as a pumpkin.

    Now I will return to videogum obscurity

  57. Not really a caption but if you play “Bulls On Parade” and watch this gif it’s pretty funny.

  58. Actually, Gabe, I think this woman is REACTING to an Anne Geddes photo.


  60. could someone pleas make a “Firin My Lazers” Gif of that? It would kind of be amazing.

  61. I wish I knew how to do anything pertaining to gifs. Besides watch them move very slowly on my garbage computer.

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