“There is really only so much good news that we can take in one day, but if you have any potable water that would be wonderful!” — The Children of Darfur

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  1. TMZ has confirmed … Jennifer Lopez has signed a 1-year deal with “American Idol” for “a little more than $12 million”

    Something tells me that TMZ and I have WILDLY different definitions of “a little”.

  2. While I am concerned about the Children of Darfur, have we considered the problems that the Children of Decakeeatur face on a day-to-day basis?

  3. When does 2012 get here again?

  4. The Children of Darfur seem to really know what’s up! But how well can they sing the Bed Intrudder Song?

  5. One year because even the producers don’t expect to make more than one season post-Simon.

  6. People still watch this show?

    Is American Idol still a thing?

  7. WHAT?!? Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, AND Randy Jackson?!!!????? With all the advice and constructive criticism these three super judges will give to the twenty finalists, I think we can all look forward to a music revolution in 2011. These three musical juggernauts will take all of their expertise and shape and mold young, raw talent into something spectacular…something special…something bold. Get ready for the renaissance, my friends, the brilliant nimbus of a golden dawn shimmers ‘long the horizon soon to be accompanied by the dulcet clarion of yon approaching choir! Terpsichore weeps in anticipation.

  8. Don’t be fooled by the potable water that she’s got, she’s still Jenny from the third tent on the left past the 4 day old dead dog.

  9. She’ll be real even on American Idol.

  10. “$12 Million! Damn, girl! You really are going to need a ‘Money Train.’ Ha! Remember? 1995? No? Anyway, I’ve had some tax problems and I was wondering… Hello? Hello? You there?” — Wesley Snipes.

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  12. After some thorough research (which involved me typing 12 million into google) I discovered that Lopez’s salary is equal to the number of African children who have been orphaned by AIDS
    (see — http://12millionorphans.org/). I wonder if that statistic factored into her contract negotiations.

    In other news 12 million bees escaped from an overturned truck three years ago in Canada http://www.thestar.com/News/Canada/article/451642 .

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