John Travolta flies Oprah‘s audience to Australia for some reason. Haha. Sure. Too bad she didn’t give them free cars again, too, so that they could at least run themselves over. (UPDATE: RELAX, LADIES!)

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  1. Where is everyone today?????


  2. Oprah: “We’re going to AUSTRALIA!”
    Audience: “Yaaay!”
    Oprah: “But instead of a commercial airline pilot, our plane will be flown by a Hollywood actor!”
    Audience: “—”

    • “I am qualified because 1) I have endless funds with which to finance my ridiculous aviation whims and 2) I was in Face/Off.” -Your Pilot

    • I’m glad I just happened to bring my passport, take enough time off work and also have the desire to fly across the globe.

  3. Now the whole audience will be expecting a kiss as they deplane:

  4. This is the first time I have been able to check Videogum all day and I find out I could have been on a transatlantic flight with John Travolta???

    Actually, on second thought, work was probably a better choice, all things considered. Less grease lightening this way.

  5. Steven, only you can save us.

  6. I just dropped $1100 on a flight to see my boyfriend in Australia. Clearly I should have spent $1100 on airfare to Chicago, hotel, rental car, and I might have come out on top*. FML.

    *on a flight flown by John Travolta, because that would totes make this experience better (?)

  7. this is your flight crew to crazytown

  8. My roommate just told me that he saw John Travolta at PF Changs in Grapevine, TX last night. CRAZAAY! My roommate is a waiter there and he said Travolta comes in frequently. He also said that he left his American Express ‘Black’ card at the restaurant. lols, silly JT

  9. John Travolta played the mom in Hairspray and since everyone has forgotten this I thought I’d bring it up.

  10. I didn’t even know Australia had suffered a natural disaster. I hope they can get there in time to help.

  11. In Australia his movies suck clockwise.

  12. I want to see Australia’s reaction.

  13. Maybe you can pull some strings Gabe and get JT to fly us Aussie monsters out to NY for the next Pizza Party? (You’re as influential as Oprah, right?)

  14. I thought her show was over.

    • The end has been announced but there’s still one season left. Just enough time for Oprah to have her audience be flown to the moon by Kevin Bacon or whatever.

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