First look at Justin Bieber’s cameo on CSI: Miami. SPOILER ALERT: this is going to be a terrible episode of CSI Miami.

Is it just me, or does this clip feel like an MTV Movie Awards parody? The whole time I was expecting Russell Brand to show up in a crotchless, leather Horatio Cane outfit. YEAHHHHHHHHHH! So terrible. Even Diddy (EVEN DIDDY!) is like, “NOOOOOOOOOO!” (Clip via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. For some reason I’m really craving a Coke.

  2. Leave Ellen Page alone! She’s pretty

  3. Spoiler Alert/Duh Aficionado Update: Every Episode of CSI: Miami is a bad one

  4. That’s not CSI: Miami. I know this because I’m a big CSI: Miami fan because that is a good show that people watch.

  5. Justin’s Character is on the run from a crazed mad man with a salad bowl and a pair of scissors!

  6. no thanks. i’d rather watch a puppy yo-yo.

  7. I’m sorry, terrible Bieber acting aside, this was a HUGE deposit to my LOL(k):
    “It is a crime to make bombs and going around trying to kill people like your brother’s doing.”

    David Simon’s all like “FUUUUUUUUUUUCK…”

  8. I’ve gone and laughed my pants again.

  9. It appears Justin Bieber’s acting like a…



  10. Bieber?
    (Horatio removes his sunglasses)
    I hardly know her.

  11. His hair looks like how I used to draw hair.

  12. Oh, what I wouldn’t do to see these guys get 5 minutes in the interrogation room with the Biebs:

    • McNulty: “You gotta go ahead and tell me where your brother is.”

      Bieber: “I can’t!”

      Bunk: “Motherfucker, it makes me sick how far we done fell.”

      • Just bought the box set recently and have been on a Wire binge of late. Just plowed through season three this weekend (jealous?) and I’m walking around talking to myself about gettin a re-up up on them corners

      • Then they take a quick break and when they return Bieber has hung himself with his own hoverboard or whatever.

        • Just saw that episode you speak of last night. Bieber would have to puke all over that fat white sergeant’s tie and shirt first, then later they would find him hanging

  13. I am too terrified by the “Baby Justin Bieber Chipmunks” video that Bing has reccomended to even click on it.

  14. “You better hurry! That show at the funeral was just FIREWORKS compared to what’s compared to what’s coming!”

  15. That interrogator/male model should have used the ol’ “Do you know what they do to teen pop idols in prison?”

  16. I’m going to be very disappointed if he doesn’t run into at least one of the set’s many, many glass doors.

  17. Where’s the water bottle?

  18. Isn’t he too young to have had so many Botox treatments that his face is incapable of showing emotion?

    Oh, wait, that was acting? Never mind.

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