This week’s New Yorker‘s “Shouts and Murmurs” essay comes from Emmy Award-winning Colbert Report head writer, Allison Silverman. Neat. In other news: follow Andy Borowitz on Twitter! (Just kidding.)

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  1. I still can’t decide who the funniest Andy is. It’s definitely between Borowitz and Rooney, though.

  2. Not bad! Which, of course, places it in competition for Best Shouts & Murmurs of All Time.

  3. She must have tricked the editors by having a last name with “man” in it.
    “GIRL GERMS!” – Shouts and Murmurs

  4. To mention Kale that many times in one article without giving a shout out to Kenan just seems irresponsible.

  5. Oh cool, I didn’t think Colbert had any women working for him.

  6. I want to have her cruelty-free babies.

  7. Her interview in And Here’s the Kicker was great. Go, funny ladies!
    And this piece is amazing. It reads like Robert Benchley 2010.

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